Your Horoscope: Thursday, April 30, 2009

Your Horoscope: Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Thursday, April 30, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Thursday, April 30, 2009: Today many will have a happy outlook and enjoy social and romantic activities in the home. It is a favorable time for marital relationships, increased emotional sensitivity, consideration for the needs and feelings of others. This evening is a good time to attend social functions; deal with women, and favors financial prosperity and the good things in life.

Today’s birthday: Take a break from the hectic pace you’ve been living at and try and enjoy all you have accomplished this year. This is the year to really bask in the limelight of your recent accomplishments, and there may even be more in store for you during the year ahead. If you don’t make time for your husband or boyfriend you could jeopardize a relationship, so this year you should prioritize relationships above career. As difficult as that may be for you ambitious Aries, if you do not, you may grow apart from your significant other. You share your birthday with Kristen Dunst, Willie Nelson, and Jill Clayburgh.

Daily Horoscopes

Taurus: You may be kept busier than usual with writing or other communications. Others may seek your advice or opinion and you have to scramble for the information they require. Pay closer attention to what you hear or read, it is likely to contain something worth knowing. Others may think your manner of expressing thoughts and ideas is too abrupt or even rude. There is as much potential that you may also find the reverse is true, and it is others who will lack adequate or polite forms of communication. If such interactions are allowed to proceed past initially disagreeable impressions, the continuing contacts are apt to become intellectually stimulating and provocative.

Gemini: You may not know exactly what to do with the information, ideas, or methods you encounter today. A particular item may seem very interesting and even valuable but trying to use or apply it, you run into difficulties or restrictions of one kind or another. It may simply be a case of not being able to put the idea or method to practical use for the time being, perhaps even for a long period of time, but someday it will come in handy.

Cancer: Be ready to expand your intellectual horizons because success today involves taking advantage of opportunities to learn as well as to demonstrate your own knowledge or expertise. Under this influence, children in your life are also favored with regard to opportunities for their higher education or training. Advertising or online promotions are special avenues of opportunity. Spiritual guidance and participation in religious activities, cultural pursuits, and political activities are other possible sources of success.

Leo: Circumstances you encounter today represent a chance for you to take physical action of some kind. If such opportunity does not appear automatically, go out and create it for yourself. This covers a variety of possibilities. Situations may lead, for instance, to the purchase or sale of a car and other types of machinery, as well as learning how to operate them. They can lead to the use or development of design, mechanical or athletic skills.

Virgo: You are apt to be emotionally influenced in some way by the information, opinions, and ideas that come to you. The situations you experience represent a chance to express your feelings or fulfill some personal desire. Other possibilities include opportunities to visit or communicate with out-of-town relatives, and to find ways at home to more effectively communicate with family members.

Libra: Success is more likely to come along in the near future if you stay busy, mentally as well as physically. You may have the opportunity to contact or visit with siblings or neighbors. Letters you write will be creative and amusing. This is a favorable time to participate in meetings, community activities, and every situation that gives you a chance to exchange ideas and information. If you need a car, this may be a good time to look for one.

Scorpio: Today there is an increased potential for opportunities that may lead to social contacts, romantic encounters, partnership and other alliances, and improving your physical appearance. You may also be given the chance to use your diplomatic skills or personal charm to great advantage. Watch for ideas and information to come your way with regard to luxury items, art, jewelry, and redecorating or harmonizing your environment.

Sagittarius: Superiors are favorably disposed toward you. Take any opportunity you get to socialize or interact with authority figures and those with influence. You may get a chance to establish partnership or some type of alliance with an important individual, that is, someone who holds greater financial, social, or intellectual position than your own.

Capricorn: If you seek unearthly beauty or pleasures, you are apt to find them. If you desire inspirational beauty and pleasure, you are apt to find them as well. If you look for beauty and pleasure that is real and starkly available, forget it. Illusive, mysterious and spiritual are descriptions of the people and situations you are likely to encounter. Photographs taken of you at this time are apt to be flattering, as well as pictures taken of your social events or of you with your friends. Flaunt them on Facebook!

Aquarius: Interactions, even on a casual basis, are apt to stimulate deeper responses than usual today. They may lead to closer examination of your reactions and motivations in dealing with other people, though you may or may not choose to share the results of this self-analysis with anyone. Current circumstances may engender inclination and opportunity to measure how much, or how little as the case may be, personal influence and control you exert in a partnership and other alliances and with other people in general.

Pisces: You may have to grapple with conflicting opinions, too much or too little information, and other annoying distractions. If your stomach gets tied up in knots, take a deep breath, relax, patiently sort things out, and calmly keep going. Before leaving home or office prepare yourself mentally for the possibility of traffic jams and other delays in transportation, public as well as private.

Aries: It would be hard to find disagreeable circumstances today. You are as attracted to others as they are to you! Situations you create are as pleasant as the situations you are likely to encounter. The only trouble, if you think there needs to be trouble, is that everything may be just a bit too nice. Look for opportunities that expand your spiritual and artistic awareness and allow you to develop and use your intuitive abilities. Taking advantage of the people and situations you encounter may lead to more opportunities.

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