Your Horoscope: Thursday, August 6, 2009

Your horoscope for Thursday, August 6, 2009.

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Your Horoscope: Thursday, August 6, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Leo: You’ll be more confident and disciplined about your work this morning and all throughout the day. There may be some tension at home later this evening, though, so be prepared to deal with an emotional scene. Tonight you should express your grievances honestly and openly so as to avoid unnecessary disputes later. Once you do so, you’ll feel hopeful and optimistic, and your good cheer is bound to positively affect everyone around you.

Virgo: This morning getting out of bed is the last thing you want to do! Late starts and a stop-and-go pace may frustrate you until this afternoon. Practical matters are your focus all evening, and your emotions are on a more even keel. Watch out for impulsiveness this evening; avoid jumping to conclusions and try to control your somewhat overly critical emotions.

Libra: Today you’ll want to finish up routine tasks around the house, such as the laundry, that you’ve been putting off. But set aside some time for yourself, because this morning is an excellent time for serious thinking. Your ability to concentrate is heightened and your critical faculties sharp all day long, making it a good time for studying or reading difficult material. You are inspired by new perspectives and desire a change from the routine — and this evening you’re ready to figure out a way to make it happen.

Scorpio: You might enter into some important professional or financial negotiations today, perhaps with a partner. You receive a nice boost of energy mid-morning, and you are inspired to get things taken care of. This evening mellows your mood and causes you to crave conversation and interaction. Late tonight you might have a small argument with a sibling or friend.

Sagittarius: You may be irritable this morning and most likely not very interested in getting work done. You may react defensively to any criticisms of your associates; be careful of starting unnecessary disputes. This evening let off some steam by talking things over with a group of friends.

Capricorn: You are very organized about your work and as a result, you’ll be able to get many different things done on a daily basis going forward. Mid-morning you’ll be infused with additional energy to get pesky routine chores out of the way early. You may be insensitive to others’ this evening, though, so try not to be overly critical of loved ones or a romantic partner.

Aquarius: Today you are aware of the subtler aspects of your professional field. You realize that there are behind-the-scenes forces operating at your workplace that you must learn to contend with, and your understanding of these forces is becoming more powerful.

Pisces: You may retreat into your shell today when painful memories from the past invade your conscious mind. Don’t dwell on negative feelings; try to shake off a depressed mood by spending time with the children in your life. Turn to a good friend for a shoulder to cry on if you need to talk about difficult emotional issues this evening.

Aries: This morning you are in a bit of a bad mood. Arguments could arise when you spontaneously express some feelings to your significant other that you didn’t even realize you had. This afternoon, your mind may be on romantic drama and your work may suffer as a result. This evening, try to work problems out with a loved one so you can feel like yourself again and get on with taking care of important responsibilities.

Taurus: There are many loose ends that need to be tied up on the job before the end of the day. Your daily duties and obligations are accented. Take the time to perform tasks correctly; don’t forsake quality for quickness. The mood is congenial at the workplace, and your motivation and high spirits rub off on those you work with. Socialize with coworkers this evening if the opportunity comes your way.

Gemini: This morning you realize that it’s really about time that you buckle down and get organized. You may, however, be quite emotional this afternoon as you stress out about your money situation and try and figure out how you can earn more. You may also feel insecure about your future career goals. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Get rest tonight, you will definitely need all your energy to get through the rest of the week.

Cancer: Early this morning you are able to express your feelings to a romantic interest. Your imagination is stimulated and you are very sensitive today. This evening your focus turns to your significant other. Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner and tell your partner exactly how you feel about him or her. As you express your emotions you’ll inspire your partner to do the same, which strengthens your partnership and intensifies your bond.

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