Your Horoscope: Thursday, December 17, 2009

Your Horoscope: Thursday, December 17, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Thursday, December 17, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo


Sagittarius: Today the moon in Capricorn brings your focus to your finances and you’ll be forced to figure out how you can save more money. Recently you’ve been spending more than you should, and today is the day to rein yourself in. Setting up a strict budget with your significant other or family members is a good place to start.

Capricorn: The moon enters your Sun sign, Capricorn, today, increasing your self-confidence and improving your own image of yourself. If you aren’t careful, you could become a bit full of yourself. Don’t let all the attention go to your head, but enjoy your moment in the spotlight – it could last longer than you think.

Aquarius: The moon in Capricorn turns your focus inward today. Even though you Aquarians don’t show it, you may feel quite insecure right now. Some reinforcement from you special someone will alleviate any feelings of inadequacy you may be suffering from today.

Pisces: Today you will be focused on your hopes and dreams for the future. Start thinking about your plans for the new year this afternoon. You will have a sense of purpose today, and now is the perfect time to plan for the future.

Aries: Today the moon in Capricorn brings the focus to your career for the time being. If you focus for the rest of the week, you’ll be able to wrap up many work tasks before the holiday break, thereby enabling you to enjoy your time off so much more, so if you can, put the extra time in now and tie up loose ends.

Taurus: Today the moon enters an earth sign, which signals a phase of hard work and attention to practical matters in the days ahead. You’ll make a lot of progress when it comes to correspondence, so sit down and focus on getting those holiday cards in the mail today – no excuses!

Gemini: You may be called upon to lead the efforts of co-workers, and you’ll do an excellent job coordinating or managing a group endeavor. If you make the right impression, you could put yourself in line for a promotion. Just make sure you get an increase in pay commensurate with the increase in responsibilities.

Cancer: The moon in Capricorn today brings your focus to a one-on-one partnership in your life that has been on the back burner. Your special someone may need some extra attention today, so take the time out to give it to him or her. Your relationship will suffer if you continue putting other people ahead of your honey.

Leo: Today is the day to make a list of all your priorities and start accomplishing them one by one. If you can focus for the rest of the week and weekend, the productive vibe will ensure that you are able to fully enjoy the holidays without anything hanging over your head.

Virgo: The earthy vibe of the moon in Capricorn allows you to be very efficient and productive today, especially when it comes to chores around the house. This afternoon you’ll focus your energy and get your house cleaned from top to bottom, leaving your weekend free for last minute holiday shopping.

Libra: Today the moon is in Capricorn and your mind is on your money. Meet with a financial advisor or an accountant to discuss investing your money or reconciling your year-end accounts. An innovative approach will save you money, so take the time to really think through all aspects of a financial issue.

Scorpio: You are full of daring new ideas about how to make money and today is the day to start putting them into action. Take the time to turn to a trusted advisor for advice on how to implement a money-making plan in the near term – nothing can help you more than the wisdom of experience right now.

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