Your Horoscope: Thursday, December 31, 2009

Your Horoscope for Thursday, December 31, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Thursday, December 31, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo


Capricorn: A romantic get-away with your partner could be just the thing for today. You’ll be tempted to do something practical, but try and relax for a change – you hard-working Capricorns really need to give yourself a break every so often! Have fun for New Year’s Eve!

Aquarius: As an Aquarius, you’ll feel a heightened desire to create and express yourself. Today is an excellent day to make tremendous progress on a creative project that’s been stalled. Spend time at home working on a project and you’ll feel very accomplished by tonight. Have fun for New Year’s Eve!

Pisces: Spend your time with people you love or looking at lovely things. Spend a quiet evening with a romantic partner; the Cancer moon makes both of you quite sensitive and emotional so being alone is especially difficult. Have fun for New Year’s Eve!

Aries: It’s another great day to just lie around the house. Play some video games or rent some movies today. There will be no incentive to do any housework like there was yesterday. Be glad that you have this time to relax, and have fun for New Year’s Eve!

Taurus: Have fun with your friends. Female friends especially will be on the same wavelength as you are. It will be good for you to get into rapport with those who share your interests. Practice some form of creative expression today, and have fun tonight!

Gemini: Mercury will be blessing Geminis today, giving you great mental and physical energy. You will blow everyone away with your mental dexterity. Just watch out for your thoughts changing so quickly that others might call you unstable. Have fun for New Year’s Eve!

Cancer: Dedicate today to the care of yourself. Let go of your worries. You get distraught easily because you care for others so much, but it is important for you to take time out to nurture yourself. Have fun for New Year’s Eve!

Leo: Pamper yourself today. Have a leisure-filled morning with a bath and a laid-back breakfast. It is nice to just bask in the feeling of confidence you have about yourself and the position you are in. Enjoy the ease of today. Have fun for New Year’s Eve!

Virgo: There will still be an emphasis on your home today, but things will heat up tonight. Do your best to keep an open conversation going with anyone you are experiencing conflict with. Have fun for New Year’s Eve!

Libra: You have a practical need to feel at peace. Make today a true day of rest. Withdraw from any demands that are put upon you, including the ones you impose on yourself. Do only those things that recharge your batteries. Have fun for New Year’s Eve!

Scorpio: The Moon is still in Cancer where it gives you incentive to work on domestic improvements. Venus will be making you feel adventurous this morning. Just go with the flow and see what comes up during the day. Have fun for New Year’s Eve!

Sagittarius: You will get some help communicating with your partner from the moon’s placement. Work on settling divisive issues between you and your partner that you’ve been avoiding for the past few days. Have fun for New Year’s Eve!

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