Your Horoscope: Thursday, February 4, 2010

Your Horoscope for Thursday, February 4, 2010

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Your Horoscope: Thursday, February 4, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

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Aquarius: You are putting yourself under too much pressure, especially about accomplishing career goals. Discuss your ideas and your plan with a good friend or your significant other. Just talking about your goals will help you define and prioritize them.

Pisces: Your mind will be full of subconscious thoughts and feelings that you thought you had buried for good. You must deal with repressed emotions now or else they will always come back to haunt you. Turn to a friend or loved one for support and advice. Let your emotions flow freely tonight, especially in a romantic relationship.

Aries: An unexpected visit from an old friend surprises you this morning. As happy as you are to see your long lost pal, you may also be slightly annoyed at his or her imposition. Force yourself to be sociable and go out with a friend tonight. He or she may present you with an exciting – and lucrative – professional opportunity.

Taurus: Venus, your planetary ruler, makes positive aspects today. If you are involved with someone, you’ll feel closer and more connected to each other than ever before. If you are single, you could meet someone very interesting and attractive over the next few weeks. Tonight, you’ll be in an indulgent mood.

Gemini: Creative inspiration this morning may prompt you to spend the day working furiously on a project. This afternoon you’ll enjoy heightened mental clarity and focus. Writing is an especially favored activity for you today, especially this evening as Venus makes positive aspects.

Cancer: Today is the perfect day for just relaxing and having fun. Don’t make any excuses why you can’t get together with some friends and go shopping or just visit a museum by yourself. This evening, your mood may become more serious as Venus makes positive aspects, bringing your deepest emotions to the surface.

Leo: You’ll be motivated and inspired to beautify your home today. Creating a more comfortable space for entertaining guests is one of your primary goals. Elicit the opinions of friends who spend a lot of time at your house; they could have some interesting insights.

Virgo: Your thoughts revolve around romance and love today. Although you have a lot of work to do around the house and many mundane chores to attend to, you may spend hours just daydreaming and relaxing. Give yourself a break and enjoy some rest and relaxation today.

Libra: Venus, your ruling planet, makes positive aspects today and brings positive new energy into a romance. You feel confident and self-assured, and you also look vibrant and attractive. Tonight is an excellent night for socializing with friends. Your charismatic nature draws others to you like bees to honey.

Scorpio: Today, Venus, the planet of beauty and love, makes positive aspects for Scorpios. You’ll be more attractive and appealing to others – especially potential romantic partners – even more than usual. This evening, you may have a minor spat with your significant other. Be sensitive to your special someone’s feelings tonight.

Sagittarius: This morning you’ll have an irrepressible urge to externalize many emotions that have been quietly tucked away in your subconscious mind for quite some time. Your communicative abilities are heightened today, so take advantage of this atmosphere and find an outlet for expressing your thoughts and feelings.

Capricorn: A friend may come to you for a favor this morning, most likely to ask to borrow money. If you can help, do so, but only if you are completely comfortable with the arrangements. This evening, get repressed feelings off your chest by discussing them with a trusted friend.

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