Your Horoscope: Thursday, January 7, 2010

Your Horoscope for Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Your Horoscope: Thursday, January 7, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

Zodiac Clock

Capricorn: You’ll enjoy heightened self-confidence today as well as a heightened ability to articulate your feelings and thoughts. Don’t be afraid to be aggressive in going after what you want professionally. Enjoy the attention of loved ones this evening during a family gathering.

Aquarius: Creative pursuits, children, and romance bring you pleasure today and for the weekend ahead. You usually use your weekends as a time to attend to personal errands and household chores, but you should treat yourself to a couple of days off this time around.

Pisces: Recently, a torrent of emotions has been swirling under the surface, yearning to be released. You’re experiencing some of the most challenging times of your life, yet your emotional response seems to be delayed. Take time to vent all those feelings you’ve been holding in.

Aries: Lately, you have been so successful in all areas of your life that you may begin to feel invincible. Avoid developing an egotistical attitude; it is easy to alienate yourself at the top. This evening, spend time with your significant other; he or she has been waiting for you to pay attention to your relationship.

Taurus: Today you feel in touch with your professional abilities and enjoy a renewed sense of self-confidence. You’re able to make major progress with a project at work by solving a problem that’s had everyone stumped. Try not to work too late; you also have responsibilities to your loved ones.

Gemini: Your creative genius catches someone’s eye this afternoon, and you may be approached with an offer to back up your project. Such support may seem enticing on the surface, but beware of hidden stipulations which may cause future problems.

Cancer: Your career provides you with more satisfaction and enjoyment now than it ever has before. Just remember that you’ll need to keep working at it to maintain this level of success. Keep your priorities in mind you should have no problem balancing your professional and personal responsibilities.

Leo: Today is the time to start fresh and use an increase in your energy to build up your security and establish yourself. Clearing up old problems, especially in your relationships, is the only way you can start anew. This afternoon, devise a strategy for addressing any problems that need to be solved.

Virgo: Virgos crave romance, fun, and leisure today, so kick back and have a good time if you can. You’ll be able to make some major progress on a creative project for the first time in weeks. Reward yourself: invite some friends over for an impromptu party.

Libra: You’ll be busy balancing your career and a romance today. Early in the day, tension with a family member may bring on a bout of insecurity. Some positive feedback you receive from a coworker about a project you are managing boosts your confidence in your work – and in yourself.

Scorpio: Recently, challenges from your domestic environment have caused you considerable anguish. However, you’ll still manage to accomplish a major professional feat, for which you’ll be recognized this evening. Enjoy the attention and praise – you deserve it!

Sagittarius: A sober, calm attitude provides you with the balance you need to make good decisions this morning when the pressure is on. Later in the evening, a burst of energy will liven things up. Spend time with your special someone; it’s sure to be relaxing and lots of fun.

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