Your Horoscope: Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your Horoscope for Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Your Horoscope: Thursday, May 13, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo


Taurus: This morning you’ll be quite communicative about your thoughts and ideas. Today you’ll crave more fun and excitement. Do something unusual or unplanned this evening; perhaps go to a museum or out for a good meal. You’ll be most stimulated by exciting and different activities this evening.

Gemini: Today there may be some difficult energy in the air. There is a sense of excitement in the atmosphere, however, so you could profit in a creative sense. Tonight should be quite entertaining if you decide to go out and socialize or if you stay in and have a good time.

Cancer: Today is quite a nice day. The morning is especially pleasant, as your emotions have a chance to be expressed to the important people in your life. The afternoon is very imaginative and creative. Spend time recording any ideas that come to you at this time tonight.

Leo: This morning you’ll focus more on practical affairs and pending work. Today will be an extremely active day. Be prepared to work very hard and you could get a lot accomplished. Tonight, socializing is the thing to do; the company of others will be stimulating and take your mind off your problems.

Virgo: You’ll be more assertive when communicating and perhaps more daring with your ideas. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to say but haven’t had the nerve to, go on and say it now, you’ll be glad you did after you feel the burden of repressed feelings lifted from your conscience.

Libra: The mood is optimistic and hopeful today. You may have some heated discussions with colleagues later in the day. Don’t let abstract philosophical ideas work you up so much that you end up having an argument with a close friend or coworker.

Scorpio: Today the pressure rises, especially with a creative project that you’ve been neglecting. Release inner anxiety about your career by actually attending to important tasks that need to be taken care of this morning and afternoon. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable with your position after you secure it with some hard work.

Sagittarius: Today the moon is in Aries and you’ll be focused on enjoying yourself. Children are very enjoyable to spend time with today. Tonight, either go out with a group of friends or invite some people over to your place. You’ll enjoy the company of others immensely this evening.

Capricorn: This morning your thoughts will be lucid and clear, especially about the project at hand. You have so many creative ideas that you may become overwhelmed. Romance is in the air tonight; spend time with your spouse or lover and let go of the day’s earlier stress.

Aquarius: Today there is an unpredictable and somewhat uncomfortable atmosphere. Be on the lookout for unexpected events. You’ll be highly original in your thought this afternoon, so spend some time brainstorming a current project that’s in a rut. Later tonight the mood will be pleasant and harmonious.

Pisces: This morning will be very peaceful and calm, and you’ll really be able to focus on a relationship. Enjoy a pleasant amount of energy and drive this afternoon. This evening you’ll be pensive and perhaps a bit withdrawn. If you are feeling insecure, talk about it with a close friend.

Aries: Today the moon is in Aries and you’ll want to spend time at home in your own space. You may be very private today, as well as a little bit touchy. Focus on your goals and take care of your responsibilities. Today could bring concrete advancement in your idealistic plans for the future.

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