Your Horoscope: Thursday, May 7, 2009

Your Horoscope: Thursday, May 7, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Thursday, May 7, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Thursday, May 7, 2009: Today is a big day as Mercury goes retrograde in the sign it rules, Gemini. This marks the beginning of a three-week period during which communication, transportation, self-expression, writing, publishing, and all Mercury-ruled matters will be negatively influenced. Signing legal documents, making important business decisions, and negotiations should be put off for the time being if possible. Many may find their minds clouded and an inability to think clearly as well, especially for the first few days this influence dominates the air. The evening does have some redeeming influences from Venus and Neptune, making it the perfect time to enjoy an art opening, a musical performance, or some other activity that will stimulate the imagination.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day should expect a somewhat difficult year ahead. You may have trouble communicating or making yourself understood. Resurrect an old plan that you may have dismissed in the past this year. Career success is yours this year if you work hard and make a huge effort. You share your birthday with Eva Peron, Tim Russert, and Tersea Brewe.

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Taurus: Your head will be spinning for the next few weeks, Taurus, so be prepared to deal with annoying occurrences and unexpected disappointments as Mercury goes retrograde. Everything happens for a reason, so definitely don’t be depressed about anything you think is a major loss right now – that cloud definitely has a silver lining – you just have to find it. Focus on your financial goals this afternoon; you have great luck with investments and major purchases. Turn to a good friend for advice when making a major decision tonight – another perspective will make everything crystal clear.

Gemini: A friend may be extremely demanding of your time and emotional support. As busy as you are, don’t totally blow him or her off — you could be just as needy at some point in the future. This evening, though, beware, your usually glib Gemini gift of gab may leave you temporarily and you may find yourself tongue twisted – which is a rare occasion indeed for you articulate Geminis. This is because Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde. Think before you speak and everything should work out just fine.

Cancer: You should concentrate on your professional goals for the next few days; your mental focus is sharp and you’ll be able to not only figure out what you really want but also be able to figure out what you have to do to get it. Networking yields new contacts so attend a boring work-related social function you usually blow off this evening. Mercury does go retrograde today, though, so retreat to a natural setting if you need time alone to reflect and contemplate your next move tonight, especially if your husband just won’t give you a second to yourself.

Leo: Discipline yourself right away or else you’ll drop the ball at work and lose a major deal that you’ve worked so hard to win. This evening, you may find out that work-related travel could interfere with personal plans for a romantic getaway this weekend. Turn a loss into a gain by inviting your honey to join you on your trip. After you’ve taken care of business the two of you can have a blast! Just be careful, Mercury goes retrograde today, which mean you need to be prepared for communication and transportation upsets.

Virgo: Today you’ll be inspired creatively as you allow your imagination to run wild. Take a break from the routine and just go with the flow. The afternoon is the best time to work with a partner on a project. You’ll develop an excellent working relationship as the project progresses; however, you may experience some minor tension today. You could uncover deception by a close friend as Mercury goes retrograde today. Don’t freak out until he or she’s had a chance to explain. Your communication skills are sabotaged, so don’t be surprised if it takes a while to work things out.

Libra: Phone calls, visitors, and other constant interruptions make it impossible for you to get any work done from home today. Go out to a quiet coffee shop or local hang out and bring your laptop. You’ll get much more work done if you are alone in your own space, away from roommates and family members. Tonight, indulge your romanticism and surprise your significant other with a candlelight dinner for two. Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks today; so make sure you are understood when communicating.

Scorpio: Your personal concerns are your main focus today. You are not by nature the most outgoing and friendly person. Today you may just want to be alone. All-or-nothing Scorpios need to let go of negative feelings about a recently ended romance. Only by letting go of a part relationship can you hope to start a new one. Don’t feel obligated by friends to do something you don’t want to do this afternoon. Contemplation and self-reflection bring out your deepest feelings as Mercury goes retrograde today.

Sagittarius: Work to stabilize your domestic environment over the next few months. If you suspect that your honey is unhappy in your relationship, confront him or her — you have the right to know the deal. Tap into technology, such as the Internet, to increase you efficiency at work. You’ll search for an outlet for the surge in your creativity that Mercury retrograde inspires today. Collaborate with friends on an experimental project and let your imagination go wild.

Capricorn: You are overwhelmed with work today and you may be tempted to just give up. Don’t be intimidated by the colossal amount of work you have to do; simply break it up into manageable chunks and attack them one at a time. Turn to a coworker for assistance if necessary this afternoon. Delve deep into your subconscious for creative approaches to completing your assignment. Mercury goes retrograde today so don’t be surprised if you have trouble with communication or transportation for the next few weeks.

Aquarius: Pressure and stress are today’s themes. The weight of professional responsibilities may be too much for you to bear; simply do not worry about job chores — leave them for Monday. This evening you may address some issues regarding shared resources with an important partner. It may not be the best time for financial discussions tonight so perhaps it would be best if you put it off for another day, especially since Mercury goes retrograde today.

Pisces: This morning, you could receive a psychic vibe that something major is going to happen today. Be prepared for the unexpected today as Mercury goes retrograde. This evening your superiors and professional associates may single you out at work for your superb creative work and hard-working dedication. Don’t be bashful; bask in the limelight, you deserve the attention and positive reinforcement after all! This evening you’re forced to examine your deepest feelings about a relationship.

Aries: You’re a powerhouse this morning, Aries, so get everything on that agenda taken care of as efficiently and productively as possible. Channel all that energy into accomplishing your fitness goals: Walk to work every day, run an extra mile at the gym, or set up a weekly b-ball game with your significant other. Your cash flow increases this evening when you receive an unexpected bonus at work. Treat yourself to a new outfit that shows off your confidence and charisma. Mercury goes retrograde today, so be aware that the next few weeks may bring some difficulty in the realm of communication and transportation.

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