Your Horoscope: Thursday, November 12, 2009

Your Horoscope for Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Thursday, November 12, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond


Scorpio: Today it’s hard to be “on” for others when you’d rather just be left to yourself. Nevertheless, you’re a pro at turning on the charm and making those around you feel a strong connection…even if the whole time they’re talking, you’re fantasizing about being home in your pajamas watching Project Runway.

Sagittarius: It’s tempting to abandon your to-do list in favor of a midday outing. You hesitate, but your girlfriends may lure you away. And besides, a friendly gathering could lead to a chance encounter with someone who catches your eye. Let your inhibitions go and get those digits if you are romantically available and interested.

Capricorn: You’re almost always the one calling the shots and right now you’re even more in control than usual. Bossing people around, however, won’t be as effective as purring your requests into their ears. But don’t start channeling the Mad Men-era vixens yet – you want to be respected for your skills once you get into a position of authority.

Aquarius: Today is an excellent day for research and investigation; you are able to see beneath the surface. This afternoon, you’ll receive a little boost of energy that is best applied to a creative project—and this evening, you’ll need to trust your intuition when making an important decision about said project. Tonight, spend time with friends; the conversation may further inspire you.

Pisces: You’re evolving in a way that makes it difficult to balance your own needs with your significant other’s. It’s entirely possible to balance your respective priorities so both of you are taken care of…but you’ll have to stand up for yourself rather than always putting your honey first.

Aries: A partnership, either romantic or business, will be your primary focus today. You may run into a roadblock or two around midday if you or a loved one is (or both of you are) trying to call all the shots. A healthy dynamic is about being equal, not being dominant.

Taurus: It’s vital to maintain balance between your work life and your home life, so if you’re burning the candle at both ends, give yourself a break. Of course, that’s easier said than done if the boss is breathing down your neck, but you can find a professional and respectful way to stand up for yourself. (Or fake having swine flu.)

Gemini: If you have a hobby like dance or crafting that you’ve been neglecting due to your hectic schedule, now’s a great time to pick it back up. Sometimes you have to schedule your leisure activities exactly as you would work commitments, or you just won’t get around to them. And what fun is life if you can’t fit in an hour of pure pleasure here and there?

Today you’ll apply the energy surge you experience from the moon’s entry into Libra to making your home more comfortable. Clear out the clutter so you feel like you’re in a soothing, serene space when you get home. Little touches like flowers and candles make a major difference in your mindset.

Leo: Today, you’ll need to toe the line with your significant other: Let him know what you want from the relationship in a diplomatic way, rather than just pointing out everything he’s not doing right. (Even if it’s a long list.) Focusing on the good rather than the bad will keep him from getting defensive.

Virgo: Take stock of your budget and income situation this afternoon. You may need to increase your cash flow right now—just give it a little thought; you’ll come up with something. Tonight, express your deepest emotions to your special someone and the two of you will fall more deeply in love.

Libra: Today the moon enters your Sun sign; this enhances your self-confidence, and you radiate positive energy, which in turn makes people drawn to you. Though you’re in an exuberant mood generally, you’ll need to get serious about taking care of a personal matter around midday. Take responsibility for yourself; no one is going to pick up the slack for you.

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