Your Horoscope: Thursday, November 5, 2009

Your Horoscope for Thursday, November 5, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Thursday, November 5, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Zodiac Clock

Scorpio: With the Sun joining Mercury in your sign today, you feel mentally energized, with ideas to spare. You’ve got the power of persuasion today. A surprise might force you to change plans around midday, but you’re adept at adjusting your M.O. to accommodate new information. The shift to a new mindset may actually prove to be serendipitous.

Sagittarius: Although you’re typically bursting with exuberance, today finds you in a more introspective frame of mind. A true soul mate is the only person you really want to pour your heart out to. Though you may be reluctant to open up at first, talking things out with your significant other or best friend is exactly what you need to get this weight off your chest. This afternoon, your loved one guides you toward a brainstorm.

Capricorn: If you feel like your friends are whispering and giggling behind your back today, it may not be paranoia. You’ll trace it back to one jealous person who is trying to take you down a peg by spreading false rumors. Confront her and demand she set the record straight. She’ll be shamed and sheepish—and she’ll know not to mess with you again.

Aquarius: You have the drive to succeed right now…that is, if you can get out of your own way. A contradictory combination of insecurity and egotism could sink what will otherwise be an amazing and novel idea. By this afternoon, your train of thought is flowing more smoothly, with no interference from that little voice in your head pointing out what might go wrong.

Pisces: Having a lot on your mind today may lead you to be perceived as enigmatic, brooding, and mysterious. This afternoon, you’re bursting with inspiration, but you may have trouble settling down long enough to actually execute your project. It’s not a bad idea to spend tonight sketching and brainstorming, and then set aside your plans to be fleshed out tomorrow.

Aries: It’s one thing to be nostalgic about the past, and another to live in it. You can certainly reminisce about the good old days today, but don’t let those memories block you from fully experiencing the current moment. Form a group on Facebook or Myspace to keep in touch with people you associate with a certain time in your life, but don’t let the past overshadow the present.

Taurus: Your connection with your significant other feels more powerful than ever today. If the relationship is relatively new, today might be the first time you truly believe you have a soul mate. If you’re single, tonight you might really click with someone you meet in the course of your ordinary routine. After being drawn into conversation, you feel an almost gravitational pull toward each other.

Gemini: As the Sun makes a connection with your ruling planet, Mercury, your lightning-bolt intellect is even more keenly focused than usual. Tonight, your artistic sensibilities are awakened. Be sure to have a passionate discussion of the work of art or performance you experience, even—or especially—if your opinion of it differs from everyone else’s.

Cancer: Well, today you feel like your eyes have been trained on one so long they’re glazed over, and what you’re looking for still hasn’t materialized. You may be looking too closely and intently at a situation to see what’s in front of your face. Step back and close your eyes—when you open them again, you’ll have the eureka moment you’ve been waiting for.

Leo: It’s time to let go of an old family grudge or secret. Forgive your mom for the time she embarrassed you in front of the cutest boy in junior high, or admit publicly that your brother was captain of the Mathletes. People who really care will stand by you through any number of less-than-proud revelations.

Virgo: You’re unusually clear and forceful in your communications today, with the ego-boosting sun joining your ruling planet Mercury in powerful Scorpio. Woe be to anyone who decides to pick an argument with you—they’ll get shut down with flawless logic, rhetorical flourishes, and maybe even a little good old-fashioned trash talk.

Libra: You’re usually very good at sharing things fairly, Libra, but today you’re inclined to hoard your wealth. If you’ve accrued money or property through a partnership with someone else, you’re loath to let him or her divvy it up before you double-check that the shares are equal. Tonight, indulge yourself with the finer pleasures in life.


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