Your Horoscope: Thursday, October 1, 2009

Your Horoscope for Thursday, October 1, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Thursday, October 1, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Libra: You may be quite emotional today, so express your feelings openly to loved ones; talking about what’s on your mind will really make a big difference. As the weekend comes to an end, your thoughts turn toward your job and the workweek ahead. You may feel insecure about your career and your future goals; don’t worry too much, try to remain relaxed. Get rest tonight, the week ahead will bring lots of work. Mercury inspires you creatively and heightens your professional aspirations.

Scorpio: Your attention turns to your domestic situation today. This morning is a good time to get some household chores out of the way. Although you’ll spend time attending to day-to-day matters, your mental activities will be very intense, even for you normally intense Scorpions, throughout the day. You’ll be really persuasive today so convince others’ of your plans this evening when Mercury combines energies with Mars. Express your feelings to a romantic partner; you’ll be able to articulate your emotions clearly and honestly tonight.

Sagittarius: Today you’re ready for some socializing and entertainment. The morning will bring a flurry of activity – phone calls and errands will take up most of your time. Despite the prevalence of banalities, all day long you will experience intense thoughts and feelings. This evening when Mercury, the planet of the mind, makes favorable aspect to Mars, your thoughts will turn to self-examination. Tonight you’ll have a penetrating sense of human nature and a clear vision of yourself and your motivations.

Capricorn: You desire to advance professionally and you may be growing impatient with your current job. Prepare for the week ahead by taking the time to think through your actions. You may also be quite frustrated emotionally; you may feel lonely and unappreciated by loved ones. Don’t let your emotions depend too heavily on others. You may be heavily preoccupied with a romantic partnership this afternoon. When Mercury teams up with Mars this evening you’ll be able to express your emotions to your significant other; honest communication will greatly improve a romantic relationship.

Aquarius: This morning you are able to think seriously about your career. You are motivated to organize your physical world, such as your belongings, as well as your conceptual world, such as your thoughts and ideas. Such organization helps you take full advantage of all the resources that are available to you – most importantly, your peace of mind and ability to think clearly. Mercury and Mars bring fresh solutions to old problems arise and new discoveries about yourself inspire you this evening.

Pisces: Today may be a frustrating day where leisure and fun are concerned. Plans for an outing or gathering may fall through due to miscommunication or a refusal to cooperate. You’ll probably be grateful; energy levels are low and a quiet day at home is probably your best bet anyway. Indulge in some rest and relaxation today if at all possible; the weekend ahead will be a very busy one. Mercury and Mars inspire you creatively and you’ll be full of new and innovative ideas.

Aries: You feel very tuned in and receptive today, but you may also be a little on the overemotional side. This afternoon, you may be inspired to use your unusually sensitive mood creatively — be sure to write down thoughts and ideas that come to you now. Tonight, take some down time from your usually hectic pace to get in touch with your subconscious needs. You are caring and empathic to others, but you may also need some time to yourself.

Taurus: This morning you may decide to withdraw from your usual routine and spend time meditating on your personal concerns. With the moon in psychic Pisces, you are highly perceptive of others’ feelings; friends may sense this and come to you for advice. This afternoon is a good time to spend with a loved one. Tonight some small problems may arise which interfere your normal routine.

Gemini: This morning you may feel like letting others how you feel, which could improve relationships at home. If your routine isn’t working lately, think about how you could improve the way you handle your day-to-day tasks more efficiently. The moon in Pisces makes you feel extremely imaginative and sensitive. Take some time out to analyze your inner emotions and discuss them with a trusted confidante for a different perspective.

Cancer: This morning you think seriously about your career and how you should handle your work on a day-to-day basis. Set up schedules and agendas to better handle everything you have to do. You are inspired creatively this evening; you are teeming with new and exciting ideas. You’ll be more articulate than ever with Mercury, the planet of communication, finally moving forward after three weeks of retrograde. This evening your fantasies take on a life of their own; beware of self-delusion about a relationship.

Leo: Trust your intuition today if a complicated matter needs to be resolved immediately. The energies are still low, as the moon continues to wane, so it is best to take it easy if possible. This evening the phone may be ringing off the hook as Mercury begins to speed up after its three week retrograde. Unexpected communication, perhaps from an old flame, will keep you on your toes tonight. Tonight a flattering invitation could provide exactly the kind of entertainment you’re craving.

Virgo: Today may be a frustrating day on the job. During the mid-morning hours it may be difficult to gain the cooperation of others. Try not to let that Virgo temper get out of control; it is best to take the current conditions in stride. Mercury, your planetary ruler, back in forward motion, vastly improves your ability to articulate your inner feelings. You’ll be extra intuitive for the next few weeks, especially about what close friends are feeling.

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