Your Horoscope: Thursday, October 22, 2009

Your Horoscope for Thursday, October 22, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Thursday, October 22, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Scorpio: Today you will want to define things that are not easily defined – especially in relationships as the moon is in Taurus. You will be looking for answers to abstract questions like, “What do I want for the rest of my life?” It is pleasant to pursue these types of questions as long as you know in the back of your mind what really matters.

Sagittarius: Your head is filled with all kinds of utopian ideals with the moon in Taurus. The challenging part for today will be making practical use of those ideas. You may even be confronted with difficulties because it will be hard to do any practical things at all while you are so distracted by your images.

Capricorn: A little romance this morning would go a long way towards deepening your relationship with your sweetheart with the moon exalted in Taurus. If at all possible, wait until this afternoon to go into work. Spend the time to make a big breakfast and bring it to your sweetheart in bed. You won’t regret it!

Aquarius: This morning will be rewarding if you can find a way to bring finesse to your mundane routines. Think of ways in which you can tap your inner artist even in the midst of cleaning your toilet. Your creativity will make for some great stories to tell your friends tonight.

Pisces: The Moon is in Taurus today and you will want to express yourself. Venus, the goddess of love, will be affecting your creative side. You will find yourself being hyper-aware of beauty and artistry. Try to do some artistic act to take advantage of this before you have to get to work.

Aries: Things at home are more peaceful than usual today. You’ll feel calm and stable because you are so supported. If you have been stocking up resources or saving money, you’ll get confirmation today that you are doing well: your hard work has been paying off!

Taurus: Communicating continues to be a big theme for you. With your current inner strength, you are in a good position to calmly express where you stand without making other people feel belittled. You feel safe and secure enough to just be who you are. If you can articulate that, it will impress those around you.

Gemini: Today will be calmer than yesterday, but that doesn’t mean it will be any less fun. You’ll be in a slower, more sensuous mood. Today is the day to experience new restaurants. Food and other such earthly comforts will be a delight for you. Take pleasure in the physical world.

Cancer: The Moon is in Taurus this morning. The emotional strength of the Moon is exalted and working in perfect harmony with the goddess of love and beauty – Venus, the ruler of Taurus. This is a dynamic combination for intuition and other forms of feminine power. You have a wonderful morning in store for you.

Leo: Intuitive knowledge is welling up inside you. Today your instincts are very strong, and if you don’t restrain yourself, you may intimidate people at work with your perceptiveness. Tonight you should do something outrageous to express all the energy you have. An open-mike or poetry slam may be just the ticket.

Virgo: Try your hand as a craftsperson. Is there a craft you have been itching to try? Get together with other people and learn something new or teach something that you know well. Your artistic ability is shining today, so look for something beautiful to stimulate your senses. Others will be impressed with your style.

Libra: The Moon has moved into Taurus, leaving you more giving you very business-minded for the next couple of days. Look around the office to search for ways to improve your finances and professional relationships. You have a more artistic flair than your associates, so use your talents to brighten things up and make systems run more harmoniously.

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