Your Horoscope: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

Zodiac signs

Taurus: Today your mind is on a romantic relationship all day. You may sense that it is time to make a change with how you deal with your feelings and how you communicate with loved ones. Don’t be afraid of change; you’ll be happy you made the effort to transform your relationships once you do.

Gemini: Your career is finally stabilizing and today you’ll realize what a major change this means in your life. It is time for you to put practical matters aside and focus on your emotional concerns. This evening, spend time with your special someone – he or she needs to know how you feel.

Cancer: This morning you may arise with a weird feeling as though you know something major is going to happen today. Try not to be too concerned about it but keep it in mind; your intuition is often more powerful than your realize. Give yourself a break and hit the sack early – you need the rest.

Leo: Today you may have the urge to go off somewhere completely foreign to you. If that is impossible, you may have to contend with a sense of restlessness. Fantasies and daydreaming are ways that you can get away with out going anywhere, so just spend a few hours in reverie this evening.

Virgo: Today you’ll arise eager to take care of responsibilities, especially pertaining to work. You’ll receive a surge of energy this afternoon, which could turn into a hostile attitude. This evening, you should try and make it to the gym and vent some of that extra energy.

Libra: A disagreement with a business partner could culminate in a blow out argument this morning when he or she confronts you about your refusal to go along with a plan. Your peace-loving Libran temperament will enable you to deal with your agitated partner in a calm and collected manner.

Scorpio: This morning you’ll arise feeling energized and ready to face your work. Get to the office early so you can catch up on your work. You may be tempted to work late, but try to get home early — your significant other may have a surprise waiting for you at home.

Sagittarius: Today you’ll be in the mood for love. You should try and get your work done fast this afternoon. This evening, take your special someone out to a romantic dinner; the two of you will feel extremely connected and spend a blissful evening together.

Capricorn: Today is all about work, as you have to catch up on a ton of tasks. This afternoon you’ll be most productive and able to complete your duties more quickly than usual. Just be careful; in your haste you could make a mistake or overlook something crucial that will result in a major problem later on.

Aquarius: Take care of routine chores and tasks that you usually put off this morning; you’ll feel accomplished by afternoon. This evening, you may receive an interesting letter or email from an old friend. Invite your long-lost friend over for dinner; the two of you will really enjoy seeing each other after all this time.

Pisces: This morning, finish up any household chores that you left pending, such as cleaning the house or doing the laundry. Later this evening you can express your point-of- view to someone you love much more easily than usual, so open up and discuss something that’s been on your mind for some time.

Aries: Today is a day to clear the decks at the office. Open the lines of communication. This afternoon, take a break if your temper rises when a coworker makes some snide comments. This evening, do something spontaneous with your significant other.

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