Your Horoscope: Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, December 1, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo


Sagittarius: Getting work done is the most important task on your agenda today, but you could get this afternoon if you have not gotten as far with a project as you would have liked. Take your work to a library or coffee shop this evening; you’ll be able to get a lot more done once you are free of interruptions.

This morning you’ll arise full of energy – channel your motivation into a personal project that you’ve been neglecting, and you’ll accomplish more this evening than you have over the past week. Tonight, get out of the house and socialize with friends; you deserve to have some fun!

Today you want balance and harmony, and you’ll do everything in your power to resolve tension and restore peace to your home. However, mind your business if loved ones don’t want your help. They could end up resenting or blaming you for any problems if you try too hard to force peace negotiations on them.

Pisces: You’ll work hard this morning – when things get tough, tap into inner strength for help. This evening, take some time out to examine your subconscious desires. Spend time alone today for quiet contemplation or meditation.

Aries: This morning an indulgent and extravagant mood prevails – spend the day relaxing if you can. If you decide to work today, you could be frustrated when you are unable to accomplish the tasks that you set out to do. This evening, mellow out with your significant other.

Spend time revising a creative project to compensate for changes you’ve undergone since you started it. This afternoon you’ll have lots of original ideas; be sure to jot them down so you can revisit them later. This evening, a good friend may turn to you for advice – do your best to help, just don’t get in over your head.

Gemini: It is particularly difficult to work at home today, so don’t waste your time. Later in the evening, there is the possibility of some tension at home over a philosophical or spiritual issue. Try to take a sensible approach when opinions diverge and respect the beliefs of others.

Cancer: This morning you could be tense, so channel some of that stress into household chores. This afternoon, you may have some emotional issues to deal with; this is the best time for some serious thought. Introspection and contemplation in solitude is very rewarding tonight.

Leo: This morning you are feeling introspective and you’ll most likely want to stay close to home. You need time alone to think through serious issues about a relationship. The evening could bring some power struggles with your partner. Try to let things blow over.

Virgo: This morning you have an extra spring in your step. Romance, children, and creativity bring you joy and happiness this afternoon. No matter how stressed out you are today, make time to relax with loved ones.

Libra: Today a harmonious atmosphere prevails, exactly how balanced Librans like it. Get outdoors this morning; the beauty of nature never ceases to amaze you. This evening, indulge your artistic inclinations to express the creativity within you.

Scorpio: Unresolved issues between you and a loved one will have to be addressed today. This evening is the perfect time for a heart-to-heart. A relationship with a loved one – or even your relationship with your “inner self” – is strengthened today, simply because you were honest with yourself.

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