Your Horoscope: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Zodiac Clock

Sagittarius: Today you are buoyed by positive feelings and an optimistic mood. Your upbeat attitude makes work and play both more fun for you and everyone around you. If someone has been feeling down lately, they may turn to you for some much-needed cheering up.

Capricorn: Today you’ll be able to manipulate your budget with such efficiency that you are able to purchase a very expensive holiday gift for someone special in your life. Someone close to you is going to get a real surprise.

Aquarius: You and a friend may decide to do some Christmas shopping this afternoon and you could find some serious bargains. Go to that out-of-the-way store you’ve been meaning to visit; they could have exactly the gift you want for your special someone. Let loose and have a little fun with your friends tonight.

Pisces: You may receive some great news at work today. Despite the poor economy, you may receive an unexpected raise, a promotion, or an especially generous bonus from your boss. It might be a smart idea to keep the good news to yourself for the moment – or else your significant other or kids could spend it for you!

Aries: Today there is an optimistic and joyful atmosphere in the air and you’ll be especially motivated to bring that sense of happiness to people in your life who may be feeling down. Visit or call a friend who has been depressed lately; you may not realize just how much you can lift his or her spirits.

Taurus: You and your special someone may be suddenly inspired to take a night off from everything to just focus on each other. If you can afford to, consider making a plan to take off and go away this weekend. It’s amazing what putting a few miles between you and your responsibilities can do toward creating a romantic mood!

Gemini: You and a colleague at work will team up to wrap up a pressing project.. Take a deep breath and think through your next few steps rather than misdirect or waste valuable effort and resources this afternoon. Teamwork may pay off, but you may still be at the office quite a bit later than usual.

Cancer: Today you are creatively inspired by the beauty that surrounds you every day. Take time out “smell the roses” this afternoon; you’ve been so on the go that you have had a hard time appreciating all the positive things in your daily life.

Leo: You’ve felt stuck in a rut lately, and today you may just get the energy to hoist yourself out of it with sheer willpower. Take the afternoon to assess your current position professionally and brainstorm how you can make major leaps forward without upsetting your everyday routine with home and family too much.

Virgo: Today you can wrap up your usual chores with such efficiency that you have extra time to spend on a special holiday project. Do shopping for supplies you need for either a craft or decorating project this evening; you are likely to find a sale that saves you some serious bucks.

Libra: Today you feel more beautiful and desirable than you have in ages. Dress up for work – turning a few heads on the train will boost your self-confidence and brighten your mood. You feel positive about the future this afternoon when you receive some great news from your special someone about an investment.

Scorpio: If you have an important issue to discuss with someone, today is the day to do it. If you simply cannot find a moment to be alone and have a quiet discussion with your special someone today, find a few minutes for yourself when you can sit down and write out what is on your mind.

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