Your Horoscope: Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, December 29, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo


Capricorn: Today the moon enters Gemini and you’ll need to focus on getting your practical affairs in order. You have the patience to take care of these mundane chores today. Use the morning to get organized and set your agenda. Tonight, discuss a financial strategy with your spouse for a new perspective on your plan.

Aquarius: Today the moon enters Gemini, your Sun sign, and you’ll be recharged with energy and full of enthusiasm. You’ll be totally focused on your goals for the future, and today you’ll make headway with a current project. Take some time to socialize, too – people really enjoy your company!

Pisces: Today the moon enters Gemini and you’ll need time to yourself. Today is an excellent day to think through a decision; balance your strong intuition with today’s mental clarity. Take advantage of your mental sharpness today to work through necessary emotional issues.

Aries: Today the moon enters Gemini and you’ll be focused on your friends and the social groups you belong to. You are extremely motivated and excited about a current professional project. Writing comes easy to you today, so take time to articulate your ideas.

Taurus: Career is front and center today as the moon enters Gemini. You’ll be full of creative new ideas about how you can advance a current project, which may include expanding your core group by bringing new talent to the table. Spend time perfecting your creative vision today.

Gemini: Today you may experience some tension on the homefront. A domestic situation may escalate as the moon enters Gemini. Express what you are feeling without letting your emotions get out of control. You need to approach a difficult situation with a loved one logically.

Cancer: Today the moon enters Gemini and you’ll have to run all over the place in order to complete minor chores. Neighbors and friends may not give you much peace and quiet to work in, but you’ll enjoy the company of others, so take a break – or two, or three!

Leo: Today the moon enters Gemini and you’re mind will be racing. You’ll be full of new and exciting ideas all day long, especially about how you can improve a current professional partnership. Have a major pow-wow with an important partner – you’ll both articulate your thoughts with clarity and precision.

Virgo: Today the moon enters Gemini and you’ll feel more detached emotionally than usual. As a result, you’ll be able to articulate your emotions more clearly and effectively than usual. Today is a great day to confront someone you are upset with.

Libra: Today the moon enters Gemini and you’ll be intellectually stimulated and full of new, unique ideas. Friends are extremely inspirational this afternoon; brainstorming with others will be very rewarding. Tonight, use your Libran sense of balance to restore harmony to your relationship.

Scorpio: Today the moon enters Gemini and your career will be at the forefront of your mind. Your mind is clear and focused, and you are able to accomplish a lot of work this afternoon, especially anything that requires intense attention to details.

Sagittarius: Today the moon enters Gemini and the freedom-loving side of you will be stimulated. You may feel bit stir-crazy this afternoon and desire new and exciting activities. Spend time getting to know new friends doing something fun and maybe a little wild.

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