Your Horoscope: Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, February 2, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo


Aquarius: Lately everything is just going your way. Right now, Jupiter, the planet of luck, and Neptune, the planet of creativity (and intuition) are both in your Sun sign, Aquarius. Due to the boost in your self-esteem, now is the perfect time to initiate a new venture that has been percolating in the back of your mind. Start devising a plan now.

Pisces: You’ve always known that everything would turn out okay because of your strong Piscean intuition, and not because you are a naturally positive person – you’re not. Today your faith in yourself and someone close to you will be renewed when the two of you successfully fend off disaster by cooperating and communicating effectively.

Aries: You are on the verge of settling a conflict that has been eating at you. Your ability to make peace is heightened while the moon is in Libra. Use it or lose it. The afternoon will consist of a series of small surprises. You may bump into an old friend.

Taurus: You’ll need to stand behind your convictions and direct your energy in a positive way in order to make something happen at work. Try your best not to be negative about things; having an optimistic attitude is going to go a long way, especially for you, right now. Indulge yourself with a romantic evening.

Gemini: You could be slightly moody, indecisive, or confused today about the image you project to the world. Someone may criticize you for being too superficial, and you could take serious offense. Is it because maybe you can be superficial at times? This evening, reflect on your identity and how you want others to see you.

Cancer: Today your imagination will be stimulated, especially when it comes anything about how to move ahead professionally. Come up with an innovative and original approach to marketing your skills or your business; you’ll be amazed at how successful you’ll be.

Leo: You want to firm up your financial affairs, so you’ll have a serious and disciplined approach to your work this morning. Your ambitious attitude ensures that you will accomplish a lot. This evening, you’ll feel optimistic, upbeat and hopeful. Go out on the town with friends for some much-needed relaxation.

Virgo: You are most concerned with getting your domestic sphere in complete order today. Consider giving your workspace a cosmetic face-lift along with a clean up by buying a print, a piece of art, or some other form of décor.

Libra: Communication is the name of the day, especially when it comes to your feelings about a current relationship. A new love interest may want to know how you feel about taking your romance to the next level. Think things through tonight and don’t make any rash decisions.

Scorpio: You’ll experience new and unusual ways of thinking today when you spend some time with some recently hired coworkers with whom you have not yet worked. Such thinking will inspire and motivate you. Stay late at the office and get some extra work done while your juices are flowing.

Sagittarius: A bet you made a while back could pay off big today – anything from a financial investment to a simple scratch-off lottery ticket. Don’t be reckless with money. You have a lot of good karma coming to you, and the next few weeks will demonstrate all the good you have put out when it starts to come back to you.

Capricorn: You need help and advice when it comes to finances, so today is the perfect day to seek out that assistance. There is something to be said for recommendations from loved ones, but when it comes to money matters, sometimes you are better off with someone no one else knows – or has any influence on.

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