Your Horoscope: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Your Horoscope: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

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Aquarius: This morning discord is in the air and you’ll need to keep your head on your shoulders and your feelings in check. You may have to play referee if two coworkers or family members explode into a major confrontation. Appeal to their intellect when trying to calm them down and help them make amends.

Pisces: Emotions rule everyone’s actions, and when not tempered by forethought, can lead to fighting and discord. Try to spend some time alone at work today; you are simply too emotional to have productive discussions, especially this afternoon. Tonight, sort through difficult feelings and you should be able to solve problems tomorrow.

Aries: Do what ever you must to get through your morning; the rest of the day will get better. Have lunch with one or more of your colleagues, perhaps a working lunch. One of your siblings is in need of your counsel; take the time out to give them your advice and calm them down like only you can.

Taurus: The morning may find you in a bit of a daze. Hang in there; the haze will begin to lift by noon. The afternoon holds a surprise in the form of a communication from a long lost friend or lover. This should be welcome news even if you are otherwise committed. The evening will bring clarity perhaps even a strong sense of wellbeing.

Gemini: Love is in the air today. If you must work all day long, find time to have a romantic lunch with your partner. You have recently heard some rumors about an old friend; pay them no mind, they are baseless. Someone at work is talking about you as well, but don’t be concerned. The people you most respect hold you in good stead.

Cancer: Your morning will consist of conflicts that you may feel no inclination to resolve. This afternoon you’ll be called upon to solve some difficult dilemmas at work. Take a deep breath and dig in, you are more than up to the task. Just be prepared – it may be a long day. Take your special someone out for a romantic candlelight dinner tonight.

Leo: Today you have a unique opportunity to prove what you’re made of to those around you. There is a time for subtleties and a time for overt action, the latter will better serve this day’s energies. Your abilities can make the difference between failure and success at work place today. A get together after work with some colleagues will be very fun.

Virgo: You’re on an emotional roller coaster all day long. Try not to do anything rash or hasty for at least the next twenty-four hours. There are those around you who would like nothing more than to see you have an embarrassing episode. Keep your cool throughout the day and by evening you’ll be fine and the bad vibes will pass.

Libra: You may feel a little uneasy as you start your day. As the day progresses you will begin to feel more relaxed and your mood will become more positive. Tonight, a child in your life is in dire need of your company and your advice, he or she needs to find some direction. Your advice will really make a difference in getting a child back on the right track.

Scorpio: You’ve been a bit introspective and lately; spend time with loved ones today. You’ve been remiss when it comes to your finances lately. You may consider consulting a professional to help you put your affairs back on track. Be patient with your parents, they’re in need of your Scorpion sensitivities and sensibilities tonight.

Sagittarius: Your communicative skills will be greatly enhanced this morning, make full use of this during a working lunch with your colleagues. Tonight is a good time for you and your significant other to reevaluate your relationship. With a little discussion and compromise you may find that you both desire a very similar situation.

Capricorn: Take that attractive colleague who has been flirting with you out to lunch today. You’ve been considering a business venture that you know at best is a gamble, but a friend or your special someone has been pressuring you to invest. Tonight do your research and you’ll be able to confidently pass on the opportunity.

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