Your Horoscope: Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, March 23, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Zodiac signs

Aries: A mental block can be overcome with a little inspiration from friends, colleagues, or your community. Though you’re usually quick to form an opinion—and even quicker to defend it—you will get further now by opening your mind to allow in new perspectives.

Taurus: There’s a chance you’ll blurt out a personal secret today in the heat of the moment. If this happens, your best bet is to cover your tracks by pretending you didn’t mean what it sounded like you meant—especially with business associates. You need to maintain your professional image.

Gemini: A political or intellectual debate that you’re convinced can only be resolved by rational logic actually has another layer of meaning. Try not to let your personal presuppositions blind you to what’s going on in the world. Use your Geminian mental flexibility to take in another view of the situation.

Cancer: Your ruler, the Moon, entered your sign during the night, so you are full of energy today. Open your mind to strange possibilities. A bent toward imaginative, even mystical thinking serves you well, as things may seem cloudy now–but when the air clears, you will find yourself capable of achieving great insights.

Leo: A romantic gesture may not pan out exactly as you would have wished—but how you handle it is up to you. You can pout and freeze out your well-intentioned honey…or you can appreciate the effort he put in to try to charm you, and be direct in communicating how you envision things differently for next time.

Virgo: Being able to cope with a certain amount of uncertainty—at least for the near future—helps keep you from making an impulsive decision. Don’t jump to conclusions just because you can’t stand dealing with inconclusiveness. Wait until all the facts eventually roll in, as they will.

Libra: Since you don’t like rocking the boat, it may be hard for people who don’t know you to pick up when something’s wrong. Not so for those who really “get” you, like your partner or BFF. Today, one of them will ask bluntly whether anything’s hiding behind your polite smile. You’ll feel better after they prod you to open up.

Scorpio: Reminiscing with loved ones today can help you bring into clear focus some of your fondest and funniest memories…though there may be squabbling involved in getting all of your various stories straight.

Sagittarius: Although life may not be exactly like a movie, today you can give yourself a confidence boost by inhabiting a character. A well-timed line like “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” or “You had me at hello” may express what’s going on in your mind better than any words you could come up with right now.

Capricorn: If you’re skeptical about a financial plan or proposition now, your instincts are probably correct, so speak up—even if you have to burst someone’s bubble. It’s better for your team to make realistic budget estimates.

Aquarius: If you’re too forceful in expressing your visionary ideas today, you may be stonewalled. Focus on expressing yourself in a way that allows others to follow your thought process. Your conclusions may seem obvious to you, but you won’t win any converts with a “Because I said so!” attitude.

Pisces: With multiple priorities competing for your attention, you may end up paralyzed: Which do you deal with first? Though drawing up a to-do list is helpful, it may do you more good to take a step back and clear your mind. Meditation, prayer, or any other activity that helps put you in a Zen-like state is a blessing now.

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