Your Horoscope: Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, March 9, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

Zodiac Clock

Pisces: You are quite efficient in the morning. Your mood is dedicated and responsible. You quickly get most work out of the way by afternoon. You are mentally preparing for some time away from your work. You may spontaneously decide to go out of town for a weekend soon.

Aries: This morning you may be a bit on the grouchy side. There may be some argument with a friend early in the morning. Try to keep your emotions calm and collected. Your mood will improve as the day progresses. Try to relax your mind for the evening and get some rest.

Taurus: Today is a good day for organizational meetings and communication within groups. You excel today on the job, taking care of all tasks with ease and efficiency. Later tonight, a romantic issue may become crystal clear.

Gemini: You are bursting with ideas today. You may have an original idea to improve efficiency on the job. You may have a heated argument over your ideas; try to be open to others’ perspectives. Don’t let a fiery atmosphere raise your temper.

Cancer: This is quite an imaginative day for you. The moon in Capricorn makes you communicative with business partners. The afternoon is pleasant as you cultivate professional relationships. This evening you may crave leisure and activities with friends.

Leo: This morning there may be some restlessness where matters of the heart are concerned. Try to keep your mind on your work during the day and wrap up loose ends. The evening is content and peaceful. You feel secure and happy about your relationships this evening.

Virgo: The afternoon brings activity with friends; tempers may flare, so try not to be insensitive. There is an accent on leisure and pleasure, and you’ll try to have a good time no matter what the circumstances.

Libra: Today you may feel like talking something over with a group of friends. You fear that you are under an illusion about someone from your group. You may desire time to yourself to think today.

Scorpio: Today you may feel as though you are ready to dedicate your time toward improving your partnerships. You may still however, feel guilty about the amount of time you spend indulging in pleasure.

Sagittarius: You need some time to yourself today, and don’t be afraid to take it despite the demands of a romantic partner, friend, or business associate. Thinking things through will make an important decision a lot easier, so get introspective tonight.

Capricorn: You have definitely been feeling a bit strained lately. Today you focus on goals and long-term career issues. The afternoon may bring frustration where partnerships or social groups are concerned. The evening favors creative endeavors.

Aquarius: Partnerships, both business and romantic, are given a boost today. You may experience a weird situation in a partnership tonight, when miscommunication will be your biggest problem. Be sure to think things through before you say them.

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