Your Horoscope: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo


Taurus: Today the moon enters Aries and becomes full, and you may be overly concerned with finances, practical matters and your possessions. You may finally make a purchase that you’ve been considering for some time, and you’ll most likely feel strongly identified emotionally with whatever objects you use in your daily life.

Gemini: The Aries moon is intense, yet sometimes suspicious and passionate. Try not to go overboard with your obsession with material things, especially if it may cause tension between you and your spouse or lover. This evening, you’ll crave excitement and stimulation through romantic experiences.

Cancer: Expect the unexpected form romantic partners as well and be sure to be flexible and tolerant if loved ones’ are in a weird mood. Today is a basic run-of-the mill day, with your main focus being on practical matters such as paying your bills and balancing the checkbook. You’ll be able to focus on your work this evening.

Leo: You’ll be strong-minded and determined tonight, especially about recognizing subconscious issues that play into your conscious decisions. Later tonight you’ll feel benevolent and generous to everyone around you, especially a romantic partner. You are inspired by optimism and positive thinking.

Virgo: Today the moon enters Aries, which brings your mental capacities into focus. You could be concerned with travel or higher education, especially the financial viability of future plans. The Aries moon makes you crave physical exertion.

Libra: You could encounter some power struggles this evening, which always upset your harmonious Libran sensibility. Use your Libran sense of fairness to settle any disputes that arise. A serious discussion this evening will provide you with the forum to vent any hostilities that have been on your mind.

Scorpio: Today will be one of those active days and you’ll find yourself running all over the place trying to get many diverse tasks accomplished. You’ll be able to express yourself with clarity and accuracy this morning, so schedule any meetings or important conversations for that time.

Sagittarius: Be sure to listen to others’ responses to what you have to say, there is a possibility that you are so wrapped up in you own thoughts that you ignore others’ points-of-view. Later in the evening, you’ll be able to keep your emotions under control, making it an excellent time for discussion with a romantic partner.

Capricorn: Be sure to take time to go off by yourself and think things through if you are at all confused. Today is likely to be crowded with phone calls, letters, and visitors. Today the moon is void-of-course in Sagittarius all day long, and you may have difficulty accomplishing everything you had planned for today.

Aquarius: You might have wanted to focus on your writing this afternoon, but find it difficult to remain focused. Physical activity is a good stress release, so take some time out to go for a run or a long walk. It is also a good day for seriously thinking through future educational or travel plans that are still somewhat up in the air.

Pisces: You’ll feel much better if you know where you stand on such issues. Today the moon enters Capricorn, and you’ll be most relaxed and happy in your home enjoying domestic comforts and your family’s company and warm affection.

Aries: The early morning will find you expansive, generous, and open-minded. Later in the evening, you could have a lot on your mind, especially concerning shared resources or intimate sexual issues. Serious thought or discussion about matters of the heart is quite productive tonight.

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