Your Horoscope: Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, May 12, 2009, Today's birthday child

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Your Horoscope: Tuesday, May 12, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook -Tuesday,May 12, 2009: The day starts off on a hopeful, yet erratic, note as Jupiter and Uranus bring a change of pace in the early morning hours. Everyone is a little distracted and distant due to a Neptune – moon contact at daybreak; which could carry over into the workday. Daydreams and fantasies are an easy escape from the humdrum routine. The moon’s entry into Capricorn around lunchtime snaps everyone back to attention. Later in the day, the central theme is incorporating external changes over which we have no control into our lives.

Today’s Birthday: Bettys born this day will enjoy a strong level of determination, motivation, and focus in the coming year – even more than you ambitious Tauruses usually have at your command. You’ll go after what you want with an intensity that many have never seen before. Set your goals as high as your imagination allows – you can do whatever you put your mind to! You share your birthday with Kim Fields, George Carlin, and Katherine Hepburn.

Taurus: You may be kept busier than usual with writing or other communications, such as e-mail, correspondence, and maybe even a letter or two. Friends or family may seek your advice or opinion about a pressing matter. While it is flattering to know they think highly of your opinion, you don’t have to scramble for the information they are demanding of you. Help others and be the generous person you are, but do it on your own terms.

Gemini: You may uncover some very interesting information while researching a personal or a professional project, perhaps regarding business or investment matters. Mull it over before you share it with colleagues. Have patience with a friend, family member, or co-worker who is having a hard time.

Cancer: Today you’ll be most concerned with the state of an important personal relationship, most likely romantic but perhaps otherwise. Don’t give into that Cancerian tendency to worry and obsess; do your best to control your thought patters. Avoid negative thing and over-analyzing.

Leo: Today your Leonine ability to take the reins and run with them is in full force. If you take over a floundering project at work, be careful not to overwhelm colleagues with your brash confident attitude – or yourself with too much work. Accomplishment fuels your ego but also could cause your head to swell; remember, hubris precedes a fall.

Virgo: You’ll have a chance to express your inner creativity or fulfill some personal desire today. Flashes of insight are hard to ignore today; give sudden bursts of inspiration the attention they deserve. Enlist the help of a friend in hashing out an idea thoroughly; you Virgos always benefit from collaboration, especially in the starting stages of a project.

Libra: Today you may be feeling under pressure and a bit stressed, which is never easy for harmony-loving Libras. Take it in stride, and stay busy – mentally as well as physically – in order to keep your mind off your worries. Participate in meetings, community activities, and other situations where you can exchange ideas and information with others.

Scorpio: This is a period of increased potential for opportunities that may lead to social contacts, romantic encounters, partnerships and other alliances, as well as improving your physical appearance. You may also be given the chance to use your diplomatic skills or personal charm to your advantage. Watch for ideas and information regarding luxury items, art, jewelry, and redecorating or harmonizing your environment.

Sagittarius: Take any opportunity to socialize or interact with influential colleagues that come your way today. A chance meeting could lead to a new partnership or alliance with someone who holds an influential financial, social, or intellectual position and may be able to help you reach your aspirations. Once you turn on that natural Sagittarian charm no one can resist you, especially this evening.

Capricorn: Today the moon is in your sign and you’ll be more charming and attractive to friends, colleagues, and even strangers than you usually are. You are open to new people, places, and things so indulge that seldom seen sense of adventure that lurks beneath that responsible exterior.

Aquarius: You’ll be in a deep and introspective mood today, which could prompt you to make a closer examination of your inner motivations in relationships, though you may not choose to share this self-analysis with anyone. You may rely on your personal influence in a partnership or friendship in order to further your own agenda.

Pisces: You may have to grapple with conflicting opinions, too much or too little information, and other annoying distractions today. If your stomach gets tied up in knots, take a deep breath, relax, patiently sort things out, and calmly keep going. Before leaving home or office prepare yourself mentally for the possibility of traffic jams and other delays in transportation, public as well as private.

Aries: Situations you create are as pleasant as the situations you are likely to encounter. The only trouble is that everything may be just a bit too nice for your Arien level of healthy cynicism. You may wonder about the ulterior motives of people who are going out of their way to be nice to you. Don’t be so suspicious; there are, in fact, some genuinely nice people in this world.

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