Your Horoscope: Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, November 17, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

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Scorpio: Now is your chance to come up with a creative solution to a financial challenge. Take a hard look at your budget and figure out where you’re spending too much. Pooling your resources with someone who iss in the same boat could help you both save significantly.

Sagittarius: You’re even more energized and invigorated than usual today, Sag, with the waxing Moon entering your sign. Work out a challenging problem, or just power through a book of Sudoku puzzles. Friends offer support for and feedback on your ideas.

Capricorn: The powerful energy of Saturn, your ruling planet, is even stronger than usual today, imbuing you with a sense of authority. You may have to make a tough decision, but you’re confident that once you weigh the facts, your choice will be clear. Trust your judgment, and don’t waver: If you change your mind, you may lose face.

Aquarius: Turn to your social network (either online or IRL) for insight today. You’ve been given a responsibility, and in order to live up to it, you’ll do well to gather as many ideas from the collective “group think” as you can. You’re able to judge whether information is reliable, regardless of who shared it with you.

Pisces: The cutthroat, competitive type you ain’t. But that doesn’t mean you’re devoid of ambition. Today, you’ll apply your Piscean sensitivity and creativity to the task of climbing to the top. Your gift for picking up on subtle things others have missed is recognized and appreciated by higher-ups. Don’t be shy about accepting praise.

You’re likely to learn a life lesson from your significant other today—or vice versa. Really listen and absorb what he’s saying rather than just poking holes in his argument. It’s okay to admit that neither one of you has all the answers; you both have a lot to teach each other. Sharing your personal wisdom—without criticism or judgment—brings you closer together.

Taurus: Changes in your work environment may make you feel unsettled—after all, stability-craving Tauruses live by an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. But this shift actually creates the opportunity to advance your position, and shore up your job security, if you put some thought into it. Just don’t rock the boat too hard right now.

Although you and your significant other have a lot on your minds, you’re still able to find the potential for fun and romance in even the most mundane activities. A soul-searching conversation can be far more passionate right now than a hot and heavy PDA moment. (Plus, it won’t gross out the people around you.)

A pensive mood comes over you today, Cancer. While your physical body is sitting at your desk or navigating the aisles of Whole Foods, your mind is off in Bora Bora or Madagascar. You’re mentally stimulated by injecting a dose of new and different culture into your day in the form of art or music.

Leo: Today you’ll be the voice of reason. Although you’re usually out there advocating for your own opinion, right now you’re acting as the peacemaker for opposing factions with equally strong convictions. You may not change their minds completely, but you yourself can learn something from the debate.

Virgo: Today you’re thinking ahead, Virgo. It’s time to start making holiday plans, and it may fall to you to ensure that everyone else makes theirs as well. You’ll take responsibility for playing travel agent to your loved ones, or just goad them to book flights before they fill up. Orchestrating everything takes a weight off your mind.

Libra: Mercury and Saturn are joining forces today to urge you to speak your mind. You need to assert yourself and let people know where you stand in order to feel fully secure. Although you may feel some pressure to conform to a certain belief system, this is your chance to tell the world that you’re not merely a follower.

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