Your Horoscope: Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, November 3, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Zodiac Clock

Scorpio: Access your innermost emotions this morning in order to evaluate your morals and your ability to live up to them. If your current values system is no longer working for you, make allowances. Now is the time to rearrange your priorities to account for your changing goals. You have the power to completely transform your personal agenda.

Sagittarius: The atmosphere this morning is harmonious and pleasant, which buoys your spirits and fills you with optimism. You are feeling expressive and emotional today. Open up to a romantic partner and initiate a discussion about the nature of your relationship. After a heart-to-heart with your significant other, a romance is completely transformed.

You keep your subconscious desires well hidden from professional associates. Yet today you may expose to trusted coworkers an element of yourself that you have never revealed before. Building a support system for yourself at work will prove invaluable in the near future. Tonight, powerful forces are at work in your innermost subconscious that will ultimately transform your entire psyche.

Aquarius: Today is a great day for meeting new people and forging new alliances, as well as deepening existing relationships. Your connections will prove to be instrumental in achieving your professional goals. Express yourself openly and honestly tonight. Your integrity, your refusal to conform, and the way you fly in the face of convention impress others. Tonight you may meet a very important professional contact while socializing.

A major transformation is afoot in your career, Pisces. This morning, you could receive a psychic vibe that something unexpected is going to happen today. Your superiors and professional associates may single you out at work for your superb creative work and dedication. Bask in the limelight — you deserve the attention and positive reinforcement!

The day starts off on a pleasant note; your significant other may surprise you with some token of affection this morning. You’ll be extremely creative and innovative this afternoon when brainstorming ideas with professional associates. Tonight, you may experience a powerful realization about your spirituality through meditation or deep contemplation.

Taurus: You feel balanced and confident today. You’ll be productive with work this afternoon, especially if you are collaborating with others. You have innovative, if not revolutionary, ideas about an important undertaking at work. Be prepared for a power struggle with superiors or competitors this evening. Pay them no mind; they are simply threatened by your talent and intelligence.

Gemini: Romantic bliss greets you this morning when you arise. This afternoon, you’ll be extremely prolific with your work, especially if you have recently integrated some new technology into your creative process. Tonight, be prepared for a major transformation in your love life. You may be forced to decide if you are ready to make a commitment and take a relationship to the next level.

Cancer: If possible, work from home today; you’ll be more productive in your domicile. There is a wonderful flow between the emotional and intellectual sides of your psyche this morning. Analyze your feelings from a logical perspective – this will deepen your understanding of your own motivations and inner workings. Self-discovery is the precursor to a complete transformation of your emotional state.

Leo: This morning is a great time for making changes in how you relate with others, especially coworkers. This afternoon, a working partnership flows smoothly, and you’ll actually enjoy collaborating with a professional associate. You are so intellectually stimulated by your interaction with a partner that you may experience a complete shift in your creative vision for an important project this evening.

Virgo: A recent major event — such as a breakup, a move, or a job change — has heightened your desire to establish a secure home base sooner rather than later. Your goals must shift to accommodate your evolving priorities. Be prepared to make major changes in your domestic situation as well as your emotional state over the next week.

Libra: This morning you’ll arise feeling powerful and confident. You have complete control over your mind and emotions today. A personal creative project that you’ve been neglecting needs your immediate attention. You are especially articulate this evening; this is the perfect evening to have an important business meeting. You’ll definitely be able to close a deal or solidify a professional partnership tonight.

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