Your Horoscope: Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, October 20, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Libra: Today the moon enters Sagittarius, which brings your mental capacities into focus. The Sagittarius moon makes you crave physical exertion, and exercise is likely to help you relieve stress today. You could encounter some power struggles this evening, which always upset your harmonious Libran sensibility. Use your sense of fairness to settle any disputes that arise over shared resources. A serious discussion this evening will provide you with the forum to vent any hostilities that have been on your mind.

Scorpio: The moon enters Sagittarius this morning and practical considerations demand attention, but you’ll be focused and energized. Domestic chores are quite easy today – you’ll be able to motivate yourself to do all those pesky little tasks. They may even be enjoyable, as you derive a sense of immediate gratification from such labor. All creative or artistic tasks are best done at home, where you feel most comfortable and safe. Later tonight is excellent for entertaining at home, or even going out to socialize; you’ll crave the company of friends and family.

Sagittarius: Today is one of those days when the phone just won’t stop ringing as the moon enters your Sun sign, Sagittarius. You are infused with confidence and a positive attitude. You’ll be filled with ideas this morning, and you should spend some time jotting original thoughts down now before you forget the details and intricacies of your brainstorms. This morning is excellent for putting your ideas forth to others; you’ll be especially articulate and able to express yourself well.

Today the moon enters Sagittarius, and you’ll want some time to yourself. You’ll need time to think about important matters, perhaps regarding higher education or travel plans. Getting exercise could help you release pent-up stress today. Tonight, you could experience some sort of power struggle with a romantic partner, perhaps due to your need to be alone. Try to simply explain that there’s a lot on your mind right now and be sure not to let that Capricorn temper get out of control.

Today the moon enters Sagittarius, increasing your desire to socialize and be part of the group. At work, you’ll be able to bring people together on collaborative projects. You’ll be very productive on the job, and everyone will acknowledge your innate ability to work with others. Tonight, there could be some tension or power struggles at home. This may stem from your recent obsession with your work. Explain that you are in a critical stage professionally and elicit their understanding for your position, but be considerate and accommodate them as best as you can.

Pisces: The moon enters Sagittarius in the morning, and you’ll turn your focus toward your career. If you work in a creative field, today you can make great progress toward solidifying an idea that’s up in the air. The early morning is excellent for serious, through work, so get up early and take advantage of the serious and responsible attitude. Today you’ll suddenly be able to accomplish so much that by the evening you’ll want to celebrate with some fun and excitement.

Aries: Today the moon enters Sagittarius, so your thoughts will be on faraway places and you may have difficulty accomplishing everything you had planned for today. Try not to be frustrated by an inability to focus. Physical activity is a good stress release, so go for a run or a long walk. It is also a good day for seriously thinking through future educational or travel plans. You’ll feel much better if you know where you stand on such issues.

Taurus: The moon enters Sagittarius today, which makes everyone feel more jovial and open-minded. You’ll want the freedom to spend time alone in deep thought and contemplation. This evening would be a good time to think through any issues that have been on your mind lately. This evening, you could experience some power struggle or tension over a financial issue. Try to keep an open mind and be considerate of others’ needs, not just your own.

Today the moon enters Sagittarius this evening, which lightens the mood. You’ll be concerned with the partnerships in your life. This evening, you’ll be very sensitive to people’s moods, as well as selfless and compassionate. There could be the possibility, however, that later tonight, some power struggle could arise with your spouse or a romantic interest. This may stem from your subconscious perceptions. Be sure not to assume what your partner or spouse is thinking – simply ask.

Today is likely to be filled with phone calls, letters, and visitors, and as a result, you may find it impossible to concentrate on any one task. This morning you’ll be able to communicate well, although you’ll tend to ignore the responses you receive from others. This afternoon, you could have an argument over some creative issue with an associate, and you’ll need to maintain a calm attitude in order to avoid an all-out explosion. Later in the afternoon, some solitude at home could provide the peace and quiet you need to focus on wrapping up any pressing responsibilities.

Leo: The moon enters Sagittarius today, and you’ll crave the comforts and familiarity of your home. You may spend time daydreaming or fantasizing, and you could be compelled to discuss your dreams for the future with a loved one or friend, who will no doubt appreciate your creative imagination. Later tonight beware of a tendency toward power struggles. Your ego may be clouding over your perceptions, so try to be as understanding as possible of others, especially family members or people you live with.

Virgo: The moon is in Sagittarius today, and your focus will be intellectual and rational. You’ll be thinking of new ways to make your daily responsibilities easier to accomplish. Efficiency is one of Virgo’s strengths, so sharpen up your skills and you’ll be able to get everything done twice as fast in the future! Minor agitation in the afternoon is no reason to fuss, it will pass soon enough.

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