Your Horoscope: Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, October 6, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Libra: This morning you may have a chance to express some unconventional ideas or creative visions. You could have a very exciting time tonight with a love interest or good friend. Expect the unpredictable in relationships. You could enjoy a sudden and unexpected change of circumstance.

Scorpio: You sense that today is not going to run smoothly early on. You can’t seem to focus on anything this afternoon. Your mind may be on some difficulties you are experiencing in a romantic relationship. You may feel a bit frustrated with a partner. You simply can’t concentrate on your day-to-day duties. This evening you feel quite depressed and lonely, and your thoughts turn to a loved one. You may decide that romantic issues must be resolved so you can get on with your job and take care of responsibilities.

Sagittarius: Your mind is working wonders today, so concentrate on any difficult tasks you need to complete now. You have original and innovative ideas this afternoon. Later in the evening you may meet someone interesting and unusual; it could be the beginning of a new relationship.

Capricorn: Today your thoughts turn toward the future and possible plans of action. Trust your instincts when making important decisions this evening; the energy of your subconscious is very powerful now. Your career is your focus, and you may simply not know what to do!

Aquarius: Today is a mostly uneventful day. The evening, however, may bring some tension to the surface. You may concentrate on your deepest feelings, but be unable to express them completely or accurately. By tonight your thoughts are more lucid and you are more able to relate to others.

Pisces: You are able to express yourself better today than you have in some time. Your innermost thoughts and ideas are surfacing now, and others are impressed by your innovation and originality. Later this evening you may become quite emotional about your expectations of yourself.

Aries: This morning your mind is working overtime as you reflect on serious issues about yourself and your beliefs. Later in the morning, your mood lightens and you may be introduced to new and exciting people. Your critical faculties are sharp, and today is a good day for any detail-oriented work. The afternoon and evening are pleasant and you may daydream about the future. The moon is in Taurus and you may come into some unexpected money.

Taurus: This morning, look for unexpected career opportunities that could really help you shine and finally get the recognition you deserve. You’re on a roll, with the moon in your sun sign giving you a burst of energy. Late tonight relationships could bring surprises.

Gemini: This morning, you may be presented with an opportunity to expand your career in some way; seek out those in positions of power for any necessary assistance at this time. This evening is pleasant and mellow, with an emphasis on relaxation.

Cancer: Today is mostly uneventful and relaxing. The afternoon is a good time to catch up on routine tasks that you’ve been putting off in favor of relaxation. Later this evening a partnership is emphasized and a conversation with someone special may be illuminating.

Leo: Strange dreams early this morning seem to float around in your head all day long. Your subconscious is prominent all day long. Some unexpected revelations may stir up your emotions. Your thoughts are likely to focus around a romantic partner – from the past or the present. Tonight you’ll be energized and may want to emerge from your inner subconscious reality to join friends and loved ones in social activities.

Virgo: Today the moon is in Taurus, causing you to turn your attention to your philosophical and intellectual ideals. You may be bored by your immediate surroundings and desire a change of environment. Maybe this weekend you should take a short trip somewhere. This afternoon wrap-up all loose ends, especially any writing you have to do. Tonight you’ll feel restricted verbally, which may frustrate you.

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