Your Horoscope: Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your Horoscope for Tuesday, September 29, 2009


In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, September 29, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Libra: Mercury finally goes direct in your Sun sign, Libra, today, which lifts an enormous burden from your shoulders. You’ll be more energized and motivated than you have been in months due to this influence. Today the moon is in gregarious Aquarius, and you’ll want to spend time with friends and socialize. Others may come to you for emotional support or advice. You feel fulfilled in helping others today. The afternoon is pleasant, although you should beware of overindulging in food or drink. Tonight you may experience some slight insecurity about your true feelings.

Scorpio: Mercury, your planetary ruler, finally goes direct today, which dramatically improves your mood as well as increases your energy level. The moon in Aquarius causes you to feel excessively indulgent and strongly desire leisurely time in relaxation. You may be thinking quite optimistically about the future; expansive daydreams pass the hours away this afternoon. Later on tonight you will most likely want to spend time having fun. Don’t overindulge in food or drink though; you may regret it tomorrow morning.

Sagittarius: Mercury goes direct today; which restores your natural Sagittarian exuberance and energy. Today you may have an argument with a co-worker or associate due to creative differences. You are able to restrain your aggression; however, you do feel the need to discuss the matter in a civil manner. Later tonight, your thoughts will be lucid and clear. It may be a good idea to write out your thoughts on an issue in order to discuss it fully and completely.

Capricorn: Mercury goes direct today in Libra, restoring your motivation and determination to accomplish your career goals. The moon is in Aquarius and you’ll focus on finances and practical matters. You may spend some time convincing yourself that a somewhat unusual idea is worth following up on. Your powers of persuasion are great today so discuss plans – you’ll be able to easily convince others of your point of view.

Mercury goes direct in Libra today, which dramatically increases your energy and vitality. The moon is in your Sun sign, Aquarius, today, which also infuses you with a sense of self-confidence. You are disciplined and dedicated to your work this morning. Writing and reading are favored activities this morning. You may experience intense mental activity today; take advantage of your penetrating insight into human nature. Discuss plans with friends and associates; you are able to convince others of your point of view.

Pisces: Mercury goes direct today, which completely reverses the lethargic mood you’ve been unable to overcome the past few months. Today the moon is in gregarious, social Aquarius, but you may just want to be alone rather than spend time with friends. The morning is an excellent time to spend in contemplation. You might also spend some time working out practical matters that are on your mind.

Aries: The moon is in Aquarius today, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by friends and acquaintances. Exciting conversation may stimulate creative thinking and a new idea may come to you today. Tonight socializing and group activities should be very entertaining and inspiring. Mercury, your planetary ruler, finally goes direct today, which motivates you to deal with inner emotional issues as well as domestic problems. You’ll feel as though you are back to your normal, energetic self as Mercury goes direct in Libra, and a romantic relationship will also improve dramatically from this influence.

Taurus: The moon is in gregarious Aquarius today and you may spend a considerable amount of time thinking about your career, especially the social aspect of your work. Mercury goes direct today, jump starting your energy and motivation. You may take the morning hours to get some work done or, more likely, think about how you fit in with your peers. You are very imaginative and inventive today, and you may be surprised by some innovative ideas that pop up while you are working. A fresh solution for a problem that you’ve been unable to solve may come to you. You are very sensitive to others’ feelings tonight.

Today the morning brings restlessness and you may find it impossible to concentrate on anything. The moon in Aquarius energizes you throughout the day. You may want to get household chores or other domestic activities done this evening. Mercury goes direct today, which prompts you to restore harmony in a romantic relationship that may have been suffering due to lack of communication. Share your innermost thoughts with your partner tonight; you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that the two of you are very much in sync about your dreams for the future.

The moon is in Aquarius today, which accents your inner emotions. You may be frustrated by a general scattered atmosphere and a lack of direction; do your best not to let it get to you. If possible, don’t plan on accomplishing anything major today. Mercury goes direct in Libra today, which lessens a great deal of pressure you’ve been feeling at home. Tonight you turn your focus to a partner; you’ll be able to finally make peace through honest communication.

This afternoon an auspicious Jupiter contact buoys your emotional security. Professional matters go well, and working within groups proves not only productive, but also enjoyable. Tap into erratic thought patterns this evening; bright ideas may arise out of nowhere! Tonight there is an excellent mood in the air; spend the evening at home relaxing after a hard day’s work. Mercury goes direct in Libra today, which dramatically improves your mental focus and ability to communicate effectively.

Virgo: The mood is low energy today; don’t feel guilty about withdrawing from strenuous activities. Mercury goes direct in Libra today, which improves your financial picture; a payment or check you’ve been waiting for may finally come through this afternoon. Today, time spent with friends is rewarding and fulfilling. You are able to intuitively sense the energies in others and therefore provide important emotional support to those in need of your assistance.

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