Your Horoscope: Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Your horoscope for Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Tuesday, September 8, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Virgo: Today finds you on an even footing, with a solid grasp of where you’re headed. But you may have some trouble solving a budget problem this afternoon – just when was the last time you balanced your checkbook, anyway? You’ll definitely have to put a fair amount of mental energy into working out your financial affairs, but once you get organized, you’ll feel much more in control. Just the way Virgos like it!

Libra: Choosing your words carefully is a vital social skill today. This afternoon, you could be faced with an awkward situation when someone at work or a friendly acquaintance misinterprets your meaning. If you clarify things, you may end up revealing more about yourself than you really wanted to. But if you allow a false assumption to go uncorrected, it might be difficult to reverse people’s impression of you later.

Scorpio: It’s a romantic, sensual day for Scorpios; you live up to your reputation as the zodiac’s most smoldering sign. Creature comforts are what you crave now; the way to your heart isn’t whispered sweet nothings, but a box of sweets. Tonight, allow yourself to be drawn into the tractor beam of a strong attraction to someone. You’re not sure where he’s leading you, but you’ll intuitively know when you get there.

Sagittarius: Some days you can’t be bothered to deal with what seem like trivial tasks – like, why make the bed in the morning if you’re just going to mess the sheets up again at night? But today, your sense of well-being is greatly enhanced by attending to these mundane matters. There’s a therapeutic quality to your everyday rituals – and a sense of contentment that comes with having everything settled just so.

Capricorn: Working hard and playing hard go hand in hand today – in fact, you may not be able to separate one from the other. When you’re totally immersed in a task, it doesn’t feel like a task at all. This afternoon, strategize about how to deal with a smooth-talking colleague who charms her way into taking credit for your efforts. You don’t need to seek revenge, just your due recognition.

Aquarius: Vegging out in front of the TV with some popcorn, your honey and/or your kids sounds like paradise now. But before you can enjoy the pleasures of pure slack, you’ll need to get past a mental block this afternoon. Although you’re extremely open to new ideas, once you’ve seized on one, you tend to cling to it. Someone who sees both sides of an issue helps you break through the impasse.

Pisces: Hitch your wagon to a star this morning. When someone in a position of power shoots to the next level, you’ll be carried along for the ride. Tonight, romantic vibes are in the air. But rather than being drawn to a mysterious stranger, you feel close to someone you trust enough to be intimate with, emotionally speaking. If you’re single, a friendship might be blossoming into a love connection.

Aries: Keep plugging away today; you’ve got tons of energy and the skills to pay the bills. Focus on what will bring concrete profits; now is not the time to make pie-in-the-sky plans. Tonight is a power period for you. Spend your money wisely; a good investment will pay off in a big way, both in material terms and as a catalyst for even bigger and better successes.

Taurus: You awaken this morning and bound out of bed, raring to go. It’s full steam ahead for you all day long. However, a misunderstanding could hurt your feelings this afternoon. Tonight, blow off some steam with physical exercise – or by venting to a close friend on the phone. As long as you don’t just sit there and stew about it, the slight will blow over quickly.

Gemini: Though twins are known for bouncing around like ping-pong balls, today is a good day to kick back and rest for a bit. Take a break from your restless questing for new experiences, and take comfort in what’s familiar and, well, comfortable. A routine doesn’t have to be a rut – especially in these volatile economic times, being able to fall back on the same-old same-old can be reassuring.

Cancer: It’s not like you and your friends are about to suddenly burst into a group rendition of “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” while dancing around the kitchen, as if you were in a feel-good scene from a chick flick … but nevertheless, some serious female bonding will definitely be taking place today. Forget about those Facebook friends you haven’t actually seen face-to-face in three years, and spend quality time with true-blue BFFs.

Leo: The little engine that could has got nothing on you right now. Never one to shy away from a challenge, you’re even more determined than usual to make your way to the top – one step at a time. It could be that there is a secret insecurity that’s driving you, but you can channel that into motivation. Being a little on edge helps give you an edge on the competition.

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