Your Horoscope: Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Your Horoscope for Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Wednesday, December 30, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Zodiac Clock

Capricorn: Today you’ll crave the affection of loved ones. It is an excellent day for close bonding with your romantic partner. If you are unattached at the moment, you may meet someone with whom you click immediately this evening.

Aquarius: Today you feel compelled to express your deepest emotions to a loved one. You’ll experience a confluence between your mind and your heart and as a result you’ll be able to fully explain where you are coming from to an important partner.

Pisces: Today a personal relationship may grow in seriousness. A partner with whom you are collaborating earns your respect today. You may be under pressure of a deadline this afternoon, but you’ll be able to sweet-talk your boss or a client into an extension if necessary.

Aries: Venus and Mercury team up in Leo, and you’ll feel your creativity surge today. Take advantage of the positive vibes and take time to work on a creative project. Today you’ll be able to solidify a loose concept and start developing it into an actual work-in-progress.

Taurus: Today your planetary ruler, Venus, joins up with Mercury, the planet of communication and you’ll be full of positive energy. Your optimistic outlook will help you hone in on a creative concept that you’ve been developing for quite some time. Put your concept in writing today.

Gemini: You’ll be absolutely stir-crazy all day and you’ll count the hours until the long weekend arrives this afternoon. It is an extremely busy day, but if you push through, you’ll accomplish everything you set out to.

Cancer: Today your thoughts will turn to your lifelong goals and dreams for the future. A discussion with your romantic partner or spouse about your individual plans for the future will go extremely well as you are both able to accurately convey your thoughts and your feelings.

Leo: You’ll be extremely communicative, articulate, and charismatic today. Mercury, the planet of communication joins up with Venus, the planet of love and the arts, in your Sun sign, Leo. You will really identify with a romantic partner, as well as experience a surge in your creative juices.

Virgo: Today you’ll crave the attention of a romantic partner today, as well as artistic stimulation. Tonight you’ll enjoy extremely interesting conversation with your significant other while out socializing and you may even make a few new acquaintances.

Libra: Today you will focus on your hopes and dreams for the future, especially if you have recently deepened your commitment to a romantic partner. Have a serious discussion with your significant other in order to establish your common goals and discover any divergent ones.

Scorpio: Today, prepare to make a commitment to a romantic partner. As a relationship grows more serious, your thoughts may turn to how you can increase your financial and emotional stability. A heart-to-heart with your partner will illuminate the path the two of you will take.

Sagittarius: You’ve been working extremely hard all week, and tonight it’s your time to let loose and enjoy yourself. Go out with a group of friends from work, and get to know your associates better. You may meet someone very interesting tonight – don’t pass up an opportunity to get to know him or her more intimately.

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