Your Horoscope: Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Your Horoscope for Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Wednesday, March 10, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

Moon, stars and suns

Pisces: Today you’ll be most comfortable in your home or familiar surroundings. Take the time out to analyze your subconscious mind. It may be difficult to express your emotions verbally; perhaps writing them down would help.

Aries: This morning you’ll receive a pleasant boost of energy and confidence. The pressure is on, and you want to be active and busy today. This afternoon you’ll be filled with love and joy, and you could also experience a flash of insight about your career.

Taurus: Today, you should be prepared for false starts and a stop-and-go quality to today’s energy. Don’t become dejected or frustrated if you are unable to complete everything; there will be time to tend to practical matters later.

Gemini: Today you may be able to make great headway with a writing project for the next few weeks as well. This evening, you’ll be extremely imaginative and creative. Spend time fantasizing about your hopes for the future. You’ll be blessed with inspiration tonight.

Cancer: Take today to gain some perspective on your career goals. You realize that you need to tie up some loose ends to have a fresh start next week. Formulate a list of goals for the next few weeks this evening and you’ll end the day with a sense of direction and purpose.

Leo: This morning will find you awake bright and early, taking in the optimistic and expansive aura. Take advantage of your energetic mood and do something adventurous or athletic. Don’t let anything ruin this wonderful day!

Virgo: Today you crave romance, pleasure, and leisure. This afternoon you’ll be especially affectionate and friendly. Your environment, whether that be home, the office, or the neighborhood, is very pleasant and you’ll appreciate the comfort that you feel in familiar surroundings.

Libra: Today frustration could build if you are unable to proceed with important tasks as quickly as you would have like to. Your mind is totally on your work right now, and anything that gets in the way of your objectives angers you. Try to remain calm and collected.

Scorpio: Today you’ll need to wind down from the previous days’ activities. Get yourself organized, especially if you are the leader of a team. You may need to try to focus the vision of a group of people working together. This evening, romance is blissful once again.

Sagittarius: This morning your thoughts will be intense, especially regarding a current love affair. You’ll be able to express yourself well to a one-on-one partner today, so vent your emotions if it will make you feel better!

Capricorn: Today your mind may feel fuzzy or cloudy. It’s not the best time for concentrated, detail-oriented work. Try to relax and take it easy; communications mishaps, disruptions and delays are possible. Be prepared for a possible surprise from your spouse this evening.

Aquarius: Today you desire peace, balance and harmony above all else. You may want to spend some time alone to sort through your intense emotions. Focus on areas of your life you want to change; only by concretely visualizing your innermost desires can you make them a reality.

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