Your Horoscope: Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Your Horoscope for Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Wednesday, March 17, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo and Katherine Raymond

Moon, stars and suns

Pisces: St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that tends to spur some wild behavior—and today, with the Sun meeting unpredictable Uranus in your sign, pretty much anything can happen. Party your heart out—just maintain enough self-control to not do anything you’ll end up regretting when you wake up tomorrow.

Aries: It’s a high-power day for you Rams as Mercury enters your sign (to stay until early April) and forms an energy-boosting aspect to your ruling planet, Mars. Throw in the Moon still traveling through Aries, and you’ve got a highly combustible formula. You can get what you want through a combination of the power of persuasion and personality.

Taurus: People are go, go, go today—and they may be in such a hurry, they end up stepping on your toes. And if you stop in your tracks to nurse your injuries, you’ll likely get tripped over again. Just walk it off—if you try toughing it out, you can find tremendous reserves of power you didn’t know you possessed.

Gemini: As Mercury enters assertive Aries today, you are emboldened to speak your mind with force, clarity, and directness. Gravitate toward those people who also refuse to beat around the bush—though you may butt heads at times, you’ll get more done with this alliance than you would teaming with someone who acts like a wuss.

Cancer: The energy in the air today is intriguing: You catch a hint of mystery wafting off someone like a perfume, and feel compelled to follow the scent. A new epic journey might unfold based on a sudden whim. You will learn something about yourself and your perspective on life today.

Leo: You’re kind of a loose cannon today, bursting with energy that makes those around you—and maybe even yourself—marvel, “Where did that come from?!” Try to capture all your myriad ideas in your PDA; as with seeds, you have to sow many for a good number to take hold.

Virgo: Whether or not you’re even a wee bit Irish, out-of-the-blue luck in love will strike you this St. Paddy’s Day. Just be willing to expect the unexpected, and go with the flow if someone special surprises you. After a knee-jerk reaction of shock, you’ll discover you actually really like to shake things up once in a while.

Libra: Though your significant other might inadvertently hurt your feelings today, the slight likely has more to do with what you’re projecting. Is something in your past perhaps clouding your perspective? If you call yourself out, the channels of communication with your partner will start to flow freely.

Scorpio: Your mental agility is exceptional today, and with it your powers of persuasion are strengthened: You’re able to get someone who usually sees the glass half full to perceive it as overflowing. In fact, you can paint almost any picture of the world and see your vision become a reality…fleeting though the illusion might end up being.

Sagittarius: Be careful today: you might jump to a conclusion about a situation that appears straightforward on the surface, but is actually as complex and convoluted as an entire season of Lost. Or, conversely, you could be overcomplicating a situation that’s actually as simple as a season of Jersey Shore.

Capricorn: Things are apt to go haywire today, and that can drive you batty … if you let it. Embrace the new creative possibilities that emerge when a wrench is thrown into the works. You may find that you’re able to come up with an even better plan for getting what you want than you had originally envisioned.

Aquarius: As the Sun collides with your ruling planet, Uranus, your Aquarian urge to stir the pot is more irresistible than ever. Use your subversive energy to brighten the day with something far more novel than green beer. Your irreverent attitude could result in romantic sparks flying with someone who’s an equally free spirit.

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