Your Horoscope: Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Your Horoscope for Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Wednesday, November 11, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Zodiac Clock

Scorpio: Today is a highly charged power day for you – don’t leave home without a note pad, voice recorder or BlackBerry to capture your ideas. Your mysterious allure is even stronger than usual right now; come up with a strategy for seducing the object of your desires, and then pounce.

Sagittarius: Although you’re trying to prove yourself and do the best you can today, don’t allow yourself to be manipulated into doing the bidding of others. Right now, it’s all too easy to be swayed by a guilt trip or the proverbial carrot dangled in front of you. Stay focused on completing your own list of to-do’s—then you’ll be freed up to go out of your way for someone else.

Capricorn: A friend may be subtly influencing your mindset; without you even picking up on it, you’re coming around to her worldview. It’s good to see things from different perspectives, but don’t lose sight of your own belief system in the process. This evening, take some time to think about, and maybe even write or blog about, your own value system and what’s truly important to you on a spiritual level.

Aquarius: Your Aquarian spirit of innovation is in full effect today. Your unique blend of creativity and intellect really shines through now, and you inspire others to take up your cause. Your ideas may take on a life of their own when people start passing them along, so don’t get too hung up on personally taking credit.

Pisces: Trust your feelings today—but have a strategy to guide you as well, lest you get lured into following someone who has ulterior motives. Your Piscean intuition is strong, but you also have a tendency to be very trusting, and someone with excellent acting skills could take advantage of this. If you’re not certain whom to believe, rely on the judgment of your significant other or best friend.

A whim could change the course of your whole day. Although practical concerns are demanding your attention, you’re drawn toward the idea of disappearing for the day. Make use of this moment to see things from a new perspective. A metaphorical point of view may offer deeper meaning than the literal one.

You may feel as though your significant other is keeping a secret or even trying to deceive you today. This could be your imagination playing tricks on you, so try not to let paranoia get out of hand. Cut through the second-guessing and overanalyzing motives, and simply ask what’s going on. You may be shocked to find that the raw truth…is nothing like the dire scenario you dreamed up.

Gemini: Today, all that’s certain is that the unexpected will happen—and it will be anything but boring. The gift of intuition guides you through uncharted waters; your inner compass is sending you in the right direction. Though today’s events may shake you up a bit, they’ll also inspire you and bring some fresh insights into what’s going on in your life.

Cancer: Creativity is one of your strong suits, and right now it’s particularly finely tuned. Your ideas reflect a vibe that’s practically palpable in the zeitgeist. Run them by friends or ask for feedback from an online community. The more feedback you get from others, the more you can hone your vision into something that really resonates with people.

Leo: You’re trying to keep an iron-fisted grasp on the details today, especially at home, but they have a way of slipping into the ether. The more notes you can jot down, the more information you’ll manage to retain. This evening brings romance; your significant other charms you with sweet nothings. Right now, (sincere) compliments are the key to your heart, and your honey knows it.

Virgo: Scheming and conniving is definitely not your usual M.O.—but you may have to do a bit of plotting on the down-low today. You may have to pull the wool over someone’s eyes for their own good. For instance, telling the kids you’re taking them for ice cream…but neglecting to mention that they’ll be getting flu shots first.

Libra: Your heartstrings are easily tugged today…to the point where a poignant sob story may convince you to lend money to a coworker, or even a romantic partner. Bad idea! You’ll be loath to ask for repayment…and you may just end up harboring resentment instead. Beg off politely—you can always blame the recession so the would-be lendee doesn’t take it personally.

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