Your Horoscope: Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Horoscopes for Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Wednesday, October 21, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Aries: There will be some emotional conflict today. You want to do what is right for your relationship, but you are not sure how to balance that with what you need for yourself to be happy and experience growth. Things are likely to get even fuzzier tonight, so just accept some confusion for now. Your Arien drive won’t let it remain like this for very long.

Taurus: Emotions will come to the forefront today. With all the sensitivity and excitement in the air, it’ll be difficult to get down to business. Tasks will be difficult to start, let alone finish. As usual, you can count on your Taurean ability to plod through anything to get your through the upsets of today.

Gemini: Though you are feeling energetic, your lack of energy could frustrate you. It will be difficult to get things moving. It will also be hard to get the right people to notice you and help you out. Tonight, going out would be fun to release tension, but be very careful of projecting illusions upon any of the that people you meet. Close friends who can see through your charade may not appreciate deception.

Cancer: Today will be kind of like a seesaw for you. You will be pulled in two directions. On one hand you’ll have a need to take action at home. On the other hand you have a desire to expand your influence at work. This will be a difficult balancing act to manage during the day. Tonight you may be tempted to go out and forget your troubles.

Leo: You will feel some dissonance between two parts of yourself. There is the part of you that wants to follow your own path by paying attention to only ideas of your own making. Then there is the part of you that is intrigued by the ideas of society in general. You need to find a balance within yourself between the two. One does not necessarily have to have domination over the other.

Virgo: You will find yourself in the middle of some debate. There are people in your group that are looking only at the bottom line. There are others who are interested only in ideals without concern about material matters. You will find yourself trying to mediate and bring people to a common ground.

Libra: It will be an interesting balancing act you perform today with all the demands upon you. Various forces – your internal drives, your work, and your partner’s need to be the center of attention – will all compete for your total attention. If you feel overwhelmed, take one thing at a time. Making small moves is much better than withdrawing and not attending to anything. You are strong enough to handle it.

Scorpio: Today you may feel as though you’re between a rock and a hard place. This morning you’ll want to complete something but it will feel like you just can’t summons the energy to do what you have to do. This afternoon you’ll want to begin work on an illusive creative vision that you fear will disappear if you wait too long to make it real. However, you just can’t find the stimulation you need. Tonight will be better only if you can refrain from indulging in fantasy and self-destructive habits.

Sagittarius: This morning you’ll feel distressed because you may find yourself in a situation in which keeping your personal position will conflict with the needs of the greater group. Sick to your guns and make sure you are not being taken advantage of. This afternoon you will feel more secure in your position. Take care of work-related details then.

Capricorn: Today, make sure you get in to work early. There will be a lot of stress and conflict that you will need to deal with from noontime on, so get a head start on important tasks. Do your best remain grounded in reality. You will be the stabilizing influence if people start running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Aquarius: Be careful of your health today. Make sure you eat healthy food and go out of your way to drink plenty of water. There is the potential for frustrations and conflict this afternoon. You are sensitive and it’s likely to hit you in the gut. If you experience stomach cramps, go to a secluded place where you can relax and breath freely.

Pisces: You will not be feeling quite as creative this morning as you did yesterday. The daytime will be rather average and stable and you may feel quite bored and desire stimulation and diversion. More interesting activities will be easier to find tonight. It is a good night for socializing. Break out of your shell, giving in to your shyness will hinder your ability to enjoy yourself.

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