Your Horoscope: Friday, August 14, 2009

Your horoscope for Friday, August 14, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Friday, August 14, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Leo: It’s an intense weekend for you and your significant other. Friday, you shine a spotlight on your dreams, thanks largely to your beloved helping illuminate them for you. But by Saturday, negative energy from a couple of your friends could easily lead to an old resentment toward him resurfacing. Things come to a head Sunday, when openness clears the air and makes your relationship even stronger.

Virgo: A rebellious streak emerges in you Friday; you’re eager to take the world by storm and do whatever people are least expecting. This weekend, despite the lure of the summer sun, you’re driven to stay indoors and put some extra hours into work. Don’t be fazed by friends or coworkers who try to dissuade you; they’re just afraid that your uber-industriousness will make them look like slackers.

Libra: Friday, when friends offer you the chance to share their beach house, sailboat, or lakeside campsite for the weekend, jump at it. Don’t worry if you can’t repay their hospitality in kind right now: Though you may fear on Sunday that the invitation comes with strings attached, your pals just want to enjoy your company – not get you on the hook for a return favor.

Scorpio: The vibe this weekend is a lot like old-school 1908s Madonna: playful and party-loving on the surface, but concealing a core of raw (not necessarily blonde) ambition. You’re having a great time enjoying the summer social life, with parties, picnics, and barbecues practically nonstop -but your mind is never far from how you can leverage your connections with fellow revelers to further your professional career.

Sagittarius: The weekend kicks off with a bang: Friday finds you in the spotlight in a big way. A little adventure could definitely be in order; you’re overflowing with energy, so wrap up work tasks in double-time and leave early for a getaway to the shore, your nearest local wine country, or your favorite campground. Don’t let your partner’s constant text-and-Twitter check-ins with civilization get on your nerves, especially Saturday.

Capricorn: It’s tough to pin people down this weekend; everyone around you seems to be bursting with extravagant, fantastical notions that may or may not come to pass. As usual, Capricorn, you’ve got your feet on the ground … but it wouldn’t hurt you to catch a little of the infectious believe-in-the-impossible-dream spirit that’s going around. After all, if anyone works hard enough to turn inspiration into reality, it’s you.

Aquarius: Friday is a tremendously lucky day for Water-Bearers. Granted, there’s no guarantee every last one of you will pick winning lottery numbers … but good fortune is definitely coming your way in the romance department. (And really, isn’t that even better than money?) This weekend, you find yourself with some lessons to learn – possibly the hard way – but your sweetheart’s support helps carry you through. He’s been there before.

Pisces: A sense of whimsy and wonder is your calling card, Pisces, and this weekend that tendency to see the world from a fresh perspective is saluted by others. Capturing the right person’s imagination could lead to a career breakthrough, even if it’s someone you meet when you’re not thinking about the work week. Don’t be too shy to trumpet your ideas, no matter how far-fetched, to the world.

Aries: A surge of confidence and energy comes to you on Friday; you feel like you’re hot stuff, and because of that certainty, you are. A slight blow to your ego could occur on Saturday, however. Rather than nurse your wounded pride, think about why you were so sensitive to the perceived slight. By Sunday, you may be able to just laugh it off like nothing happened.

Taurus: It seems like everyone in your household wants to be the center of attention on Friday, whether you’ve got a wild tangle of children clamoring for your praise or a roommate who insists you listen to her practice for her American Idol audition … repeatedly. Spending some time alone with your thoughts is key on Saturday; on Sunday, you resume being a willingly captive audience, and no one feels slighted.

Gemini: It’s a weekend of passion, energy, and high drama with your significant other or love interest. And whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is entirely up to you. Be bold about expressing your desires – just don’t get bent out of shape if your beloved doesn’t magically intuit what they are. Learning about each other is an ongoing process, not an exact science.

Cancer: There’s a lot on your mind this weekend – but luckily, instead of keeping it all inside, you’re holding nothing back. Plenty of pals have cried on your shoulder -many, plenty of times – so you’ve earned the right for a good rant of your own. By Sunday, you feel like you’re back to your old self … only better, with a weight lifted from your (now-dry) shoulders.

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