Your Horoscope: Friday, July 10, 2009

Your horoscope for Friday, July 10, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Friday, July 10, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Friday, July 10, 2009 – Sunday, July 12, 2009: Everyone’s imagination and creativity is stimulated on Friday as Neptune and Jupiter pair up and bestow us all with hopeful and positive vibes and the ability to turn the conceptual into reality. The moon enters Pisces on Friday and remains there all weekend long, making the mood emotional and sensitive, but also artistic and expressive. It is the perfect time to enjoy an art exhibit, a musical performance, or a bit of theater. On Sunday, spend time with family at home and enjoy the children in your life, they will be most entertaining and you will really appreciate how special they truly are.


Today, Friday, July 10, 2009: Bettys born this day will enjoy an optimistic and forward thinking mood in the year ahead. You may dedicate time to a community or political activity that gives you great satisfaction. You share your birthday with Jessica Simpson, Adrian Grenier, and Andrew Firestone.

Saturday, July 11, 2009: Bettys born this day will be motivated and energized to make all their dreams come true, especially when it comes to romance. If you’ve been shying away from deepening a current romance, now is the time to profess your deepest feelings to a love interest. You won’t regret it. You share your birthday with Giorgio Armani, Nadya Suleman and E.B. White.

Sunday, July 12, 2009: Bettys born this day will make major changes over the next year that will improve their self-confidence. Commit yourself to an exercise regimen or new diet ¬you’ll definitely be able to stick to it and see some concrete results. Feeling good about how you look will give you an air of self-assurance that will improve all areas of your life. You share your birthday with Michelle Rodriguez, Kristi Yamaguchi and Bill Cosby.

Cancer: The afternoon brings an auspicious influence to partnerships as the moon enters Taurus. You may have the opportunity to form a bond with either a romantic or business partner. The mood is very happy today, although you may experience some creative blocks later in the evening. Tonight favors spending time at home with a loved one.

Leo: This morning is an excellent time for serious thinking, especially about your emotional security. The moon enters Taurus and your ability to concentrate is heightened and your critical faculties sharp; the morning is a good time for studying or reading difficult material. You are inspired by new perspectives and desire a change from the routine.

Virgo: The moon enters Taurus this morning and you’ll be able to finish pressing tasks at work. Your attention will turn to your career this evening, and you may be overly emotional or insecure about professional matters. You may feel under financial pressure; tonight is a good time to brainstorm new ways to save or earn more money.

Libra: The moon enters Taurus and you feel more grounded and focused. Partnerships are pleasant and harmonious today – you feel able to communicate easily with loved ones. This afternoon you may need some time to yourself to jot down new ideas. Tonight you’ll have a great night out – feelings between loved ones are intense.

Scorpio: This morning is an excellent time to do some serious planning for the future as the moon enters Taurus. You may need to reorganize your schedule according to the changing agenda. You may come up with a fresh solution to an old scheduling problem which will vastly improve your efficiency. The afternoon is pleasant and you’re able to articulate your goals, both short and long-term, accurately, which helps you organize your priorities. Tonight you may fantasize and daydream more than usual.

Sagittarius: Today the moon enters Taurus and your mind will be on partnerships and how you can please a loved one. This afternoon you are able to get things done with ease; spend the evening enjoying yourself. Tonight you might experience some difficulty communicating what you are thinking to others, especially a romantic partner.

Capricorn: This morning you’re irritable and grouchy. You’ll throw yourself into your work this afternoon simply to get your mind off your problems. However, unforeseen problems may also arise with your work, which could further irritate you. The moon enters Taurus today, which brightens your mood and prompts you to spend some time having fun with the children in your life or your romantic partner.

Aquarius: This morning you may feel the urge to actualize your relationship or career dreams. You may realize that you often don’t give yourself enough credit for all your accomplishments — don’t be afraid to see yourself for what you really are. You’re feeling very emotionally attuned to others as the moon enters Taurus, and you may put a lot of energy into working on your relationships today.

Pisces: As the moon enters Taurus you may feel excessively indulgent. Your thoughts may center around your hopes and aspirations for the future; optimistic daydreams pass the hours away. This afternoon you are eager to leave work and spend time with loved ones. Tonight the accent is on leisure and relaxation.

Aries: The weekend can’t start early enough this Friday morning. You may feel excessively indulgent today, as the moon enters Taurus. You are quite mentally alert on the job and accomplish many routine tasks this afternoon. This evening you may simply feel like kicking back and having a good time. Remember that too much of a good thing is not always so great. Try not to overindulge in alcohol tonight; you may regret it tomorrow morning.

Taurus: This morning the moon enters Taurus, your sun sign. Your concern has grown to fear, insecurity, and unhappiness, and your mood is bleak. You are quite emotional about a romance, and you may feel somehow disappointed with your partner. It may be best for you to be alone to let the shallow emotional wounds heal; most likely you will feel one hundred percent better tomorrow morning.

Gemini: This morning the moon enters Taurus and you may feel like slowing down your usually active lifestyle to take a little time for rest. Midday you feel capable of disciplining yourself to focus and get work done; you have a lot of mental energy at your disposal. By the day’s end, however, you’ll feel totally drained from the work week. Tonight your relationships reach a more intense level. You start to put energy into taking care of others.

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