Your Horoscope: Friday, July 24, 2009

Your horoscope for Friday, July 24, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Friday, July 24, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Leo: Wednesday’s eclipse may have Leo girls bummed out. Work hard today and you can play hard this weekend — and if you ignore that advice, throwing a tantrum won’t help you. Keep your cool, especially when negotiating with your parents for a special favor — like letting you stay out past curfew on a school night. This weekend is the perfect time to introduce someone special to your family.

Virgo: The moon enters your Sun sign, Virgo, which totally revs you up for action. Get research or important work done this weekend. You don’t want to be stuck at home this weekend, when something interesting happens. Try not to be a complete control freak if you have to collaborate with a colleague on a work project.

Libra: This week you’re all wrapped up in family drama. If there’s trouble on the home front, do what you can to ease the tension. Turn to a trusted family friend if you need some help dealing. Spend some time exploring a hobby, such as writing or painting, that allows you to express your creativity. This weekend, do something different — go to the opera, attend an art workshop, or check out the new exhibit at the museum.

Scorpio: Scorpios should stay on the down low this week; you need time to yourself to think about your future goals. Mars contacts Pluto this weekend, which gives you the power to make major changes in your life with minimum difficulty. This weekend, mellow out at home. Invite your s.o. or a friend over for a relaxing evening.

Sagittarius: Your energetic and outgoing personality scores you points this weekend. You’re lucky in love, so take advantage of the positive planetary vibes and ask that cute guy from work to grab a latte after your next shift. When the Sun enters Leo, your mind will be on overdrive. Put a ton of effort into a writing assignment or other creative project this weekend.

Capricorn: You may overhear some mean gossip; try not to pay attention to her mean words. A major confrontation will just get you off course; so keep that temper in check. Mars, the planet of anger, is prominent this week, so you’re tempted to be dragged into an argument. Don’t let yourself be dragged down to someone else’s petty level; stay cool and let your above-it-all air speak for itself.

Aquarius: Chatty Mercury changes sign, making it difficult for you to shut up for even one minute. Hey, enjoy it — hang in a new chat room or debate politics with your friends over a frappuccino. You’re confident and together this weekend. Now is the time to go after your personal goals — you’ll be able to accomplish anything you put your mind to! However, be warned: Tension may arise if you blow off your special someone all weekend to party with your friends (or vice versa).

Pisces: Shy Pisceans will be very social this weekend, which has both positive and negative effects. A new friend may be drawing you out of your protective shell. But on the other hand, you may be sacrificing something important to you – like time spent with the family. This weekend, take some time to be alone and think about what really matters to you.

Aries: Work it this weekend, Aries! Take advantage of an opportunity to earn some extra cash when a friend hooks you up with a part-time gig. Mid-week, the moon puts the spotlight on your love life. Take a chance and ask out that guy you’ve had a crush on forever. Or if you’re with someone, make an effort to show how much you care.

Taurus: Your s.o. could be seriously disappointed if you have to cancel a special date in order to get ready for a big work project. Meet him halfway and plan a study session at your house instead of seeing the latest movie. The weekend could bring drama at home.

Gemini: Mercury, your ruling planet, changes sign this week, which heightens your natural gift of gab. Get yourself psyched up for an important meeting — like an interview for a new job next week — by shopping for an outfit that will make the perfect impression. This weekend, fiery Mars gives you the guts to make a move on a guy you’ve been eyeing.

Cancer: You’re in relationship hell today, Cancer. Stand up for yourself and speak your mind if you feel that your special someone is not being completely straight up with you — or dedicating enough time to your relationship. Mars buoys you with an extra boost of energy and gets your juices flowing this weekend.

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