Your Horoscope: Friday, July 3, 2009

Your horoscope for Friday, July 3, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Friday, July 3, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Friday, July 3, 2009 – Sunday, July 5, 2009: This weekend everyone should enjoy themselves to the max for the Fourth of July. It is time to have kick back and have a good time, especially as the moon enters happy-go-lucky Sagittarius on Saturday. It is a great time for a short trip somewhere nearby or if you are feeling more adventurous, a more distant locale. On Sunday, take some time out for the family or your closest loved ones – you’ll feel very lucky to have such caring people in your life. Let them know how you feel!


Today, Friday, July 3, 2009: Bettys born this day may experience a theme of the heart versus the mind all week long. You’ll have to separate your emotions from your thoughts this year in order to make the right decisions. Don’t be scared to do what your intuition tells you, but temper those decisions with reason. Turn to a friend or trusted confidante for good advice. You share your birthday with Tom Cruise, Montel Williams, Elizabeth Edwards and Betty Buckley.

Saturday, July 4, 2009: Bettys born this day will have to contend with a battle of the wills between yourself and a romantic partner or a work colleague that may make your life difficult. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you if someone is making your life difficult, rise above petty differences and take the high road. You share your birthday with Malia Obama, Neil Simon and Geraldo Rivera.

Sunday, July 5, 2009: Bettys born this day will be overwhelmed by all the romantic opportunities that come your way this year. Venus, the planet of love, is smiling down on you all year long, so if you are single, you just may find that special someone you have been looking for, or if you are involved, a relationship could get way more serious. You share your birthday with Edie Falco, Huey Lewis and Eva Green.

Cancer: Superiors are favorably disposed toward you. Take any opportunity you get to socialize or interact with authority figures and those with influence. You may get a chance to establish partnership or some type of alliance with an important individual, that is, someone who holds greater financial, social, or intellectual position than your own. If you don’t think such a situation is likely to come your way, then go out and create one.

Leo: You may really begin to appreciate the organization you have tried to impose and the knowledge you have managed to acquire. Others may reward you handsomely for your advice and consultation. You are as attracted to others as they are to you. Situations you create are as pleasant as the situations you are likely to encounter.

Virgo: This is a time when hard work, organization, and planning will stand you in good stead. If you have not previously conducted your affairs in this manner, you may now wish that you had. You may not initiate or be in control of the events and circumstances that occur under this influence, but you will nevertheless be called upon to measure up, to take a responsible position in some way.

Libra: Others will not be inclined to recognize your intellectual efforts or projects. It may be for reasons of their own pride or jealousy; whatever the cause, you are likely to be wasting your time if you try to arouse their interest or admiration. Situations and people you encounter under this influence may be pompous, all show and no substance. There is no productive way to expand your mental horizons or increase your personal status in this atmosphere.

Scorpio: Everything should flow smoothly and successfully. Everyone in your world is where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to be doing. Machinery hums along, your body functions well, and your mind is free from annoying distractions. Under this fortunate influence meetings and discussions are not likely to be disrupted by dissension. Business transactions that involve your home or real estate property as well as domestic items are favored.

Sagittarius: If others are ever to be impressed by your honesty, integrity, and worth as an individual, this is the time for you to demonstrate these qualities. If you ever wanted others to take note of your leadership ability, or even if all you want is to prove to yourself that you possess some measure of it, this is the time to go out of your way to seek situations that exhibit this trait. Unless negative circumstances also happen to occur to spoil the otherwise fortunate influence, this can be a very lucky time.

Capricorn: Under this influence ideas and information as well as communications in general may be restricted or somehow limited either by your choice or the current circumstances. The alternative to this potential is that the information or communications themselves may not be limited but your receptiveness to acquiring or understanding them may somehow be lacking. Trying a different or unique approach to things works to your advantage, in fact, might succeed better than you ever dreamed possible.

Aquarius: Your personal environment is likely to be pretty smooth during this period. Schedules are not interrupted, machinery hums along as it should, everyone does what they are supposed to, and tasks are accomplished on time and with little effort. Creativity and imagination are enhanced. Your actions are more apt to be guided by instinct and intuition. Efforts related to home, family and nutrition are not only successful but emotionally satisfying.

Pisces: Increased tendency to overreach may result in your having to pay the consequences for exaggeration and extravagant gestures. Do not be tempted to accept more work than you are physically capable of handling, or assignments for which you lack the proper skills or experience. Under this influence an unorthodox or less-than-traditional partnership or alliance may be on the agenda; proposed either by you or to you. Romantic or social contacts may be the inspiration to adopt highly unique methods to achieve common goals.

Aries: Today the highs of the past week may finally take their toll as a down approaches when a conflict from the past resurfaces, most likely concerning your domestic life and career concerns which seem to be constantly at odds with each other. You’ll need to learn how to balance responsibilities. Today recognize what you really want and visualize the future so you can make it real. The evening brings a more mellow vibe as the tension is smoothed over by your ability to live according to your own values and desires and – most importantly – living up to those desires.

Taurus: You’re ready to back up idealistic plans with concrete reality with the help of serious and practical Taurus vibes. Today you’ll be thinking a mile a minute, be sure to record any flashes of brilliance! Your exuberance is held down to earth in a really nice way today, in that you can really make what you want happen in reality and have a nice solid structure.

Gemini: Make an effort to increase your communications and contacts this weekend. If you are looking for a chance to be successful, you are most likely to find it in what you read and hear. Valuable information and ideas come to you at meetings in your own neighborhood as a result of travel and in general by staying mentally alert and physically busy.

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