Your Horoscope: Friday, July 31, 2009

Your horoscope for Friday, July 31, 2009.

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Your Horoscope: Friday, July 31, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Leo: Turn your attention to your financial matters on this lucky day. A cash flow problem that’s had you stressed out for some time may finally be brought to an end – if you simply apply your analytical mind to the situation you’ll come up with a creative solution. You’ll feel together this weekend after you get your finances in order (i.e. secure that loan from a relative), and will be able to really let yourself go to a party you planned on attending with friends tonight.

Virgo: Today your thoughts turn to your inner emotions, especially about your goals. You may feel as though you aren’t living up to your potential and indulge in self-pity. You’re putting too much pressure on yourself. Give yourself credit for everything you have achieved rather than focus on any recent failures. Brighten your mood this weekend by discussing your feelings with a close friend or your special someone. By the end of the weekend, you’ll realize that you are doing just fine and have no reason to beat yourself up.

Libra: You are full of inspiration today, especially about your hopes and dreams for the future. As an idealistic Libra, you have always had grandiose visions of what your future held. However, today you may realize that you have not been forceful in going after them. Make abstract plans into a reality by defining discrete goals and pursuing each one, step-by-step, this weekend while you are inspired. And be sure to listen to your intuition; it is stronger than ever.

Scorpio: Today you may need some of that privacy you Scorpions are known for. Time alone gives emotional Scorpions the space they need to analyze their inner feelings and resolve moral conflicts. Go to your special place, whether that be the beach, your room, or your car, and spend some time with your thoughts. You’ll feel refreshed and renewed this weekend, and you’ll most likely spend it with friends as the moon entering Aquarius gets you out of self-reflective mode and into party mode.

Sagittarius: Today brings you an opportunity to use the past in a positive way. You may come across valuable information through research or get the chance to repay an old debt or favor. This weekend, as the moon enters productive Aquarius, you may decide to get rid of what you no longer need or want. As you streamline your life you’ll create room for bringing new energy in.

Capricorn: Today you’ll be focused on pleasing a romantic partner. Bring your honey a bouquet of flowers or a surprise token of your affection. You’ll enjoy an enhanced creative vision for a current project this weekend so take advantage of your mindset in order to make progress with your work. Just don’t work too much – your special someone could be waiting to surprise you with a romantic outing for just the two of you.

Aquarius: Today your mind is reeling with creative thoughts and visions. You are intensely imaginative this morning, especially, so be sure to write your ideas down – including those that may come to you in your dreams – so you can revisit them later. This weekend you’ll be full of energy; physical activity, such as jogging or rollerblading, is a great way for you to vent some of that pent-up aggression. With the moon entering your Sun sign, Aquarius, socializing is on your agenda; and you may meet some interesting new people while partying with friends.

Pisces: Today and you’ll need time alone with your thoughts. Spend the afternoon in a secluded place, such as the beach, where you can contemplate some more serious issues, most likely about a romance, that have been on your mind. Self-reflection is quite powerful and helps you get in touch with your feelings. Don’t be afraid to make decisions based on your emotions. Discuss some of your deepest feelings about a romantic relationship with a close friend. Trust your instinct but don’t forget the wise words of a loved one.

Aries: Work is all you can think about today. Whether it’s reorganizing your closet or getting a head start on a household chore slated for the weekend, you’ll be busy as a bee all day long. Plan your agenda mid-afternoon when your mind will be sharpest. The moon enters Aquarius on Saturday, which provides the perfect atmosphere for supporting your organizational vibe. Try not to get yourself under too much pressure this weekend; even if it seems like you have a lot to do you’ve got the power of Mars to back you up.

Taurus: As a Taurus, you’re not the biggest socialite, so it is not easy for you to make new friends. However, this weekend you’ll be able to pursue relationships with people you find interesting, thanks to the moon’s entry into social Aquarius on Sunday. Today marks the beginning of a new phase of your life as you commit to becoming a more outgoing person and expanding your social connections.

Gemini: This morning you’ll be energized with the moon in Capricorn, and you’ll be able to accomplish whatever you put your mind to. Take advantage of the productive atmosphere, especially when it comes to household chores – like cleaning out your office – that you’ve been putting off. Put work aside and go out with your friends or your s.o. this weekend, though, you deserve a break after all that hard work!

Cancer: Today Cancerians will be most happy spending a quiet day at home. Spruce up the yard, gardening is a Zen activity that earth-loving Cancers can use to get their mind of their worries. This weekend, socializing at home is one way to crawl out of your self-reflective shell; invite some friends over for dinner or simply cook a festive meal for your family.

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