Your Horoscope: Friday, June 12, 2009

Your horoscope for Friday, June 12, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Friday, June 12, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Friday, June 12, 2009: You’ll have difficulty getting your point across to others on Friday and this weekend. The moon enters Pisces on Saturday, which causes everyone to be more emotional and introverted. However on Sunday, Mercury enters Gemini, one of its strongest positions, which will bring many out of their shells and promote communication and dialogue.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will have good luck this year when it comes to writing, publishing, communication, and networking as Mercury in your Sun sign enhances all these areas. Use your intuition to figure out which direction to go in your career; especially when it comes to making connections with influential professional colleagues. You share your birthday with Donald Trump, Boy George, Che Guevara.

Gemini: You could lose your patience with a close friend who has been talking way too much about your personal life with mutual friends. Try not to alienate others with a hostile attitude. The moon’s entry into Pisces on Saturday will force you to focus on a career transition and formulate a strategy. On Sunday, Mercury enters your Sun sign, which sharpens your mental abilities and heightens your ability to express yourself.

Cancer: You usually don’t express yourself forcefully enough, but today a problem at work will come to a head and you could explode. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you; count to ten before you speak out and say something you’ll regret. The moon in Pisces heightens your innate sentimentality; you may spend hours longingly reminiscing about the past.

Leo: Give yourself a break on Friday, Leo, you’ve been really hard on yourself, especially when it comes to your professional performance. The moon’s entry into Pisces will increase your desire to achieve financial stability. Mercury enters Gemini on Sunday, which will improve your ability to strategize professionally. Make connections with associates through mutual friends; you could make a very important new contact that will open up new opportunities for you.

Virgo: You could be over-emotional today with Mars and the moon coming head to head, especially when it comes to your job. You may feel pressured to perform at work and unable to summons the courage to make professional moves you know you should make. Mercury in Gemini on Sunday will enable you to express an idea or concept that’s been percolating in your mind but which you just haven’t been able to express.

Libra: You and your special someone could have a huge blowout this morning which ruins your entire day on Friday. You Libras can be too dependent on your significant other for your happiness; try to get past a fight and focus on your work or you could make some big mistakes today. Mercury enters Gemini this weekend, which improves your ability to explain your deepest feelings to a loved one. A heart-to-heart on Sunday will enable you to make some major headway in a relationship.

Scorpio: On Friday, you’ll really get into the groove of your new daily routine and make major strides at work. You are full of energy and motivation and can make your mark professionally if you focus and avoid old patterns and habits that have held you back in the past. The moon in Pisces on Saturday will enable you to control the flow of future events by focusing your intentions on a concrete goal and channeling your psychic energy. On Sunday, Mercury enters Gemini, which will improve your ability to communicate with your partner about shared resources.

Sagittarius: On Friday, someone on the job could seriously upset you, especially if you’ve been feeling insecure about your position. Your insecurity is unfounded; have confidence in yourself and your true talents and abilities will really shine through. Mercury in Gemini will vastly improve your ability to work one on one with a colleague for the next month. Use your intuition when making career decisions.

Capricorn: Your financial luck will change for the better on Friday and stay that way for the next month as Mercury enters Gemini. You’ll have a lot more opportunities to increase your earning potential, especially this weekend, simply by making new connections. Drum up business or land a new freelance job simply by inquiring with friends, family, and colleagues about possible opportunities.

Aquarius: Give yourself a break on Friday; if you don’t feel well, take the day off work or put off doing those household chores until the weekend. Enlist the help of family and friends this weekend if you are having trouble accomplishing a certain task. You’ll be able to assimilate advice from a trusted confidante on Sunday, so it is a great time to ask for assistance.

Pisces: The moon enters your Sun sign, Pisces, on Saturday, which marks your lunar cycle high this month. You’ll be more confident, self-assured, and motivated for the entire weekend, so it’s a great time to tackle tasks that require these qualities in you, such as editing your resume and writing cover letters for potential new job opportunities. Mercury in Gemini helps you zero in on your most important life goals through some serious self-reflection.

Aries: You’ll be in a very sociable mood today and will have a lot of energy to burn. You’ll paint the town red Friday night with some good friends you haven’t seen in some time. Saturday you’ll be in a more introverted mood, mainly due to the moon’s entry into Pisces. On Sunday your powers of communication will be heightened with Mercury’s transit into Gemini. It is a good day to have family or friends over for a barbecue or some other social event Sunday.

Taurus: You’ll access your inner subconscious mind for some answers to pressing problems on Friday, Taurus. The moon’s entry into Pisces Saturday improves your relationships with colleagues at work. On Sunday discuss money matters with a business partner or your significant other; you’ll be able to get your point across easily with Mercury’s entry into Gemini.

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