Your Horoscope: Friday, May 22, 2009

Your horoscope for Friday, May 22, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Friday, May 22, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Friday, May 22, 2009 – Sunday, May 24, 2009: The moon enters Taurus on Friday and brings more of a sobering attitude to us all. Work is the primary thing on everyone’s minds, and therefore, major changes can be implemented – especially if people work together. The weekend is the perfect time to ask the family to help tackle a major job on the domestic front that has been lingering for some time, such as cleaning out the garage or weeding the garden and mowing the lawn. It is the perfect time to wrap up loose ends and clear the decks for the New Moon, which occurs mid-day on Sunday in the sign of Gemini. This indicates a renewed energy when it comes to all things Gemini related, such as the relationship with siblings, community and neighborhood affairs, and writing and other communication.


Today, May 22, 2009: Betty’s born this day will focus on accomplishing financial independence this year. One focus is achieving peace of mind by addressing and solving money problems by getting out of debt and increasing your income. You share your birthday with Ginnifer Goodwin, Naomi Campbell, and Susan Strasberg.

Saturday, May 23, 2009: Bettys born this day will take on a major task this year: Eliminating power structures that no longer serve any purpose in your life. It is a great year to make a fresh start where your career is concerned; you’ll have success pursuing a new line of work if you dedicate yourself to the task with perseverance and confidence. You share your birthday with Kelly Monoco, Jewel, and Drew Carey.

Sunday, May 24, 2009: Betty’s born this day will be more intuitive, emotional, and perceptive this year. You should apply your insight in all areas of your life rather than discount in favor or ration and logical thoughts. Use your discretion and weigh both sides of your mind equally. You share your birthday with Trent Reznor, Enya, and Dennis Hopper.

Gemini: You may be feeling very restless lately and be craving a break from the routine. Try planning some summer fun to satisfy your need for action and adventure. The moon enters Taurus, which heightens your powers of intuition. Go with your gut instinct for the next few days, especially when it comes to money and investments. The New Moon in Gemini, your sun sign, on Sunday heralds a revitalization of your will to succeed. You are full of confidence and ambition. Right now, you can do anything you put your mind to.

Cancer: A close friend may ask you for quite a favor today; do what you can to help; especially if he or she is someone whose friendship means a lot to you. Helping others is something that gives you Cancers personal satisfaction, so ignore those who may say you are too giving or too generous and do what you feel is right. The new moon in Gemini highlights your innate psychic powers and heightens your ability to sense the feelings and thoughts of those around you.

Leo: Everything will seem to be a bit skewed today. Relax; it’s a temporary condition. Control issues and power struggles may arise in a personal relationship right now. As a stubborn and independent Leo, you don’t allow anyone to control you, but compromise may be called for in some situations. Tension eases by the weekend, when the new moon in Gemini prompts you to take some time to yourself to reflect.

Virgo: Enjoy the completely positive and delightful mood today. A sudden and unexpected bout of good fortune could be coming your way – but you have to not only be ready for it but also recognize when it comes. The new moon in Gemini stimulates you creatively with revolutionary ideas that could pay off for you in the future. Don’t compromise your vision for anyone and stick to your guns when it comes to collaboration.

Libra: As the energy wanes, you’ll find yourself less psyched about dealing with household duties and responsibilities than usual. You just want to spend time alone right now; and that’s nothing to feel guilty about. On Saturday, some solitude and self-reflection could be the perfect way for you to sort out that jumble of emotions that you’ve kept pent up inside for so long. On Sunday, you’ll be more inclined to hang out with friends and family as the new moon increases your desire to both give and receive affection.

Scorpio: Today you’ll be bursting with energy and excitement. You are so motivated and driven that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do this weekend. Unusual actions or a different approach could bring you the success you are looking for right now, so don’t be so overly cautious. Quick decisions, especially when it comes to creative projects, bring great results; trust your instinct. The new moon in Gemini strengthens your psychic and intuitive abilities.

Sagittarius: Right now, you are optimistic and hopeful. You’ll accomplish a lot at home today, such as cleaning and organizing, so you’ll have the weekend to yourself. Saturday evening is excellent for socializing. The moon is new in Gemini on Sunday, and you could decide to implement changes in your love life. Over the next few days, you may decide to deepen a current budding romance.

Capricorn: You are in the mood to just chill out at home today doing not much of anything serious. You’ll enjoy just watching TV, surfing the Internet, or chatting online with friends. This evening, cancel a date if you are simply not in the mood for socializing. The weekend, some down time will enable you to recharge your batteries. The new moon in Gemini will inspire you to make some changes in your daily routine that will improve your efficiency and make you more productive.

Aquarius: You are extremely powerful and effective today. You are motivated and totally dedicated to making your dreams for the future a reality. Take advantage of your upbeat and optimistic mood to assert yourself in a positive way with family members who may not be completely supportive of your current plans and goals. You’re ready to tap into you natural Aquarian risk-taking sensibility; acting on hunches now can pay off big in the immediate future.

Pisces: You sense the possibilities open to you now, and you are ready to just be yourself and allow things to happen in with a Zen sort of approach. You are right in your element, Pisces, and all weekend positive vibes dominate the atmosphere. Take advantage of the openness and freedom to be yourself with family members and loved ones. The new moon in Gemini on Sunday sharpens your powers of perception so you’ll be able to make good decisions – as long as you trust your intuition.

Aries: Today your mood will be a bit tense or nervous. You may be uncertain about how to present a major problem to the family. You should just do what comes naturally and try to dispel any nervous tension by being as straightforward and honest as possible. You’ll experience a bout of minor insecurity this weekend, especially when it comes to financial plans. This weekend, discussing your feelings with a trusted confidante will really help you get a handle on a situation. The new moon in Gemini on Sunday will improve your powers of communication, making it the perfect time to talk things out.

Taurus: The moon enters your Sun sign today, Taurus, which gets you revved up and rearing to go. You are full of energy and determination, and you’ll make solid advances in a personal creative project that’s been stalled for a while. Don’t limit yourself to work, this weekend, though. Take some time to yourself or socialize with friends on Saturday; some diversion is a welcome break from the routine. The New Moon in Gemini on Sunday heralds a fresh start financially.

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