Your Horoscope: Friday, September 11, 2009

Your horoscope for Friday, September 11, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Friday, September 11, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Virgo: You may be overwhelmed by the amount of work that you have to do today; and you could have difficulty organizing your time and resources. Try not to be totally inflexible and don’t be hard on anyone who works for you – taking it out on others won’t reduce your stress – or the amount of work you have. This evening, you may end up stuck in the office late wrapping up a project. Try not to stay too late, though, you don’t want to burn yourself out.

Libra: A special child in your life may come to you with a problem that even you have difficulty sorting out. If you are at a loss as to what advice to give, don’t just say anything. You may want to refer your young friend to an expert or a professional to help him or her figure out what to do. If you think turning to his or her parents may be the answer, by all means do so. Just realize that doing so may represent a breach of confidence to your younger companion, so if it’s not a matter of life and death, ask if it’s okay before you tell.

Scorpio: The home is your primary concern today, so you’ll expend all your time and energy in that area of your life. If you are looking for a new apartment or house, this afternoon will be particularly lucky. You will also experience good fortune when it comes to home improvements, repairs, or household projects that are underway. This evening, take a break from the domestic scene and go out for dinner with your special someone. Some time away from the house will help the two of you get back in touch with each other.

Sagittarius: Be extra clear in all your communications today, there is an increased likelihood of some misunderstanding arising due to an error on your part. This afternoon, a heated debate with a professional colleague may arise at a meeting. Don’t be too pushy about your point of view or you could be accused of being closed-minded. This evening, wrap work up as early as possible so you can spend some extra time with a friend that’s visiting from out of town. Do something different; a change of pace will do you good.

Capricorn: If you feel particularly strongly about a financial decision that you and your significant other can’t agree on, don’t have a temper tantrum. Perhaps getting an unbiased outsider to evaluate the situation may be the answer. This afternoon, you may consult an investment advisor for help with money matters. Settle your differences with your mate this evening by preparing a special dinner for just the two of you – he or she will forget all about your earlier impasse.

Aquarius: Today you are super-charged with confidence and your self-esteem will soar. Take advantage of this high-energy wave and get your act together. Start by cleaning your house this morning; once you get yourself organized you’ll be able to start tackling the many chores and tasks that loom over your head. This evening is a great time to work on a creative project, especially if it involves writing. You’ll find it easy to articulate your ideas and express your concepts through artistic avenues.

Pisces: Today try and spend time resting; your energy will be low over the next few days. If you simply can’t take the day off, try not to push yourself too far – if you do, you may really regret it. You’ll have a special intuitiveness when it comes to loved ones this evening. Take the time out to spend some quality time with your significant other tonight; he or she needs you right now.

Aries: Today you will be a complete chatterbox. You want to talk to everyone around you, about what you don’t really care – as long as you are able to speak. Try not to be too pushy when it comes to conversation, other people have the right to be heard as well! Tonight, hang out with someone who loves to listen so you can express yourself to your heart’s content.

Taurus: Money is on your mind today, not that you aren’t always thinking about your finances. As a security-obsessed Taurus, you have a hard time feeling safe and stable if you don’t have a nice chunk of change in the bank. Rather than stress out about your lack of savings, channel that energy into figuring out ways to either save money or increase your income. You’ll be surprised by how resourceful you can be when it comes to your finances. Discuss any matters pertaining to shared resources with a family member or your significant other this evening.

Gemini: This morning you’ll work very hard for a cause that you believe in, whether that be saving the whales or just finding yourself a new job. You have so much energy that you can barely keep yourself under control, you’re practically bouncing off the walls this afternoon. Lend a friend a hand with a project they are having trouble with this evening. Once you finish the job, go out together and have some fun!

Cancer: You’ll be able to access your deepest emotions today by taking some time out for reflection. Contemplating your feelings will help you figure out what decision to make about a relationship, as well as be able to articulate those emotions to your special someone when the time comes. This evening is the perfect time to initiate a heart-to-heart discussion with your significant other. He or she will be willing to listen to everything you have to say, and you may even be able to convince him or her to see things your way.

Leo: Today a situation may come to a head in an important partnership in your life, most likely one of a professional nature. You may question the actions – or perhaps the underlying motives – of a business associate. If you find yourself in a moral quandary this afternoon, listen to your instincts and don’t be afraid to voice your opinions. You may end up saving both your hides by speaking up now about your reservations about a business deal. Your associate will respect your forthright honesty.

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