Your Horoscope: Monday, July 13, 2009

Margaret Santangelo offers the horoscope for Monday, July 13, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Monday, July 13, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook, Monday, June 13, 2009: The morning starts off on an erratic and slightly weird note. Distractions, such as Facebook and television, may make it difficult to get any work done. Try to make technology work for you instead of against you today, but don’t be too dependent on it or you could encounter a disaster. Back up important documents from your computer or the numbers off of your cell phone NOW before it is too late. This evening, flexibility will win out over obstinacy.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will make many new friends this coming year. You Cancer’s can sometimes be shy, but you’ll overcome your natural inhibitions about socializing this year, which will help you get ahead in your career and accomplish important life objectives. You share your birthday with Harrison Ford, Cheech Marin and Patrick Stewart.

Aries: Today the moon is in Sun sign, Aries, which motivates you big time. You’re ready for action — at home or at work — just remember that not everyone was born with your crazy competitive spirit and drive to win. This evening your friends and family can hardly keep up with as you hop from one event to the next at lightening speed, constantly looking for action and excitement.

Taurus: You’ll be exhausted as the week begins, especially if you spent last weekend working like crazy on a labor of love. You can barely keep your eyes open at work this afternoon. Rather taking that trip to the mall you planned, this afternoon, you might want to go home and get your rest after work.

Gemini: Your sarcastic remarks sometimes ease tension, but when you pop a crack at the wrong time a friend or co-worker could completely lose it. A minor disagreement between you and a friend could turn into a total blowout and there may be no easy way to settle a dispute. If you want to save this friendship, a compromise is necessary.

Cancer: You’ll need lots of time alone this week, especially if you’re still recuperating from a third-degree broken heart. Don’t dwell on the past and what you could of, would of, or should have done to keep a relationship from ending. The moon is in Aries today, thankfully, which gives you the confidence you need to get yourself out of this emotional rut. This evening, rather than sulking alone in your room listening to sappy love songs, turn to a good friend for support. Vent all that anger and sadness welling up inside of you — letting it out is the first step to completely letting it go.

Leo: A budding romance could be blossoming into a full-blown passionate affair, and after a weekend of passion, your mood will be light and content all day long. You’ll float through your household chores and your agenda at work, and actually be quite productive. Work with others if you need help with someone, you are able to collaborate easily and triple your efficiency by doing so. This evening, go get an impromptu haircut or pedicure – pamper yourself; you deserve it!

Virgo: There’s just something about a good challenge — such as cramming six months of work into one week — that gets your adrenaline flowing. This week you’ll have to deal with not one or two but three major tasks. You work better under pressure, anyway. Fortunately, the moon is in motivational Aries today, bringing a productive vibe, perfect for getting down to business.

Libra: Working with the partner assigned to you by your boss may end up being a lot more efficient and effective than you expected. You’ll be reminded that it’s time to stop judging books by their cover. The two of you will be brought closer together this afternoon when you have to stay late to finish a report or project at the office. Working one-on-one with a compatible collaborator inspires you to take new directions — in both your thoughts and in your actions. You may consider prompting this partnership to extend beyond the office; the two of you have a lot to offer each other.

Scorpio: Scorpios, by nature, are private people and so you require a place where you can always find solitude whenever you need it. Ensuring that your space is as comfortable as possible is a major priority. As a Scorpio, you need to always feel in control of your environment. Over this coming week you may be overwhelmed by a compulsion to completely transform you space. Start this evening by brainstorming and making some potential plans for the changes you’ll make in your household.

Sagittarius: Your mind is racing a mile a minute when you’re caught off guard by a cold attitude from your special someone. You’ll analyze every angle of your conversation over and over again. “What did I do?” is all you can ask yourself. Did you ever stop to think that maybe his bad mood has nothing to do with you? Rather than torture yourself by imagining the worst, simply confront your significant other and demand to know what is going on.

Capricorn: Give into temptation today, Capricorn. While shopping at the mall with friends you may run across a dress you fall in love with that happens to fit you perfectly. You may try to pass on it the first time, but the moon in Aries contributes to an impulsive atmosphere and even if it’s a little above your budget, you could indulge anyway. Don’t guilt-trip yourself over it; you deserve a reward for your hard work, determination, and patience.

Aquarius: You can’t think of anyone but yourself today. You just go on and on about your problems to anyone who will listen. This selfish behavior not only causes friction in your relationship with a new romantic interest, it also isolates you from friends. Start taking in a genuine interest in others, or they may stop having any interest in you.

Pisces: You could be feeling down as the week begins, Pisces, possibly because you feel like you have little control over your life. Don’t let yourself slip into a depression; you must drop that fatalistic attitude right away. This evening, the moon in Aries inspires you to go after what you want — whether it’s a part-time job or just a new pair of shoes. You’ll feel so much happier once you take control of your life and start making things happen.

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