Your Horoscope: Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Margaret Santangelo offers the horoscope for Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Wednesday, July 15, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook, Wednesday, July 15, 2009: Today many will be presented with new and exciting opportunities with the moon in Aries making two positive aspects to Jupiter and Neptune. This inspires everyone to live their lives in a more creative and artistic way, whether or not you are a “creative type.” This evening, the moon enters Taurus and matters pertaining to the home, real estate, clothing and fashion, and finances will be the center of attention.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will make major changes in their approach to finances over the next year. Cancers investment style is naturally risk-averse, but this year you may decide to take a chance in order to make more money. Take the plunge; it could pay off big time! You share your birthday with Brian Austin Green, Alli Sims and Brigitte Nielsen

Aries: The moon enters Taurus today, inspiring you to make new beginning and set fresh personal goals for yourself. Today is a very pleasant day, with important developments in a romantic partnership. The mood is gregarious and optimistic, and you’ll enjoy the company of friends and family immensely. This afternoon, you may be content with the balance you’ve achieved between your desire to experiment and the structures imposed from the external world.

Taurus: The moon enters Taurus today, and your mental focus shifts toward your inner consciousness and your deep, innermost feelings. A romantic relationship may have a profound effect on they way you see yourself. Your spiritual side is awakened today. You realize that recent change in your perspective may be causing you to question your entire philosophy on life.

Gemini: This day may start out on a stressful note as the moon enters Taurus and spotlights your career goals and ambitions. You may be slightly oversensitive to real or perceived criticism from authority figures. Tonight socializing with friends distracts you from your preoccupation with your career. Be careful, though, you may have a tendency to speak before thinking and inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings.

Cancer: Your mental faculties are excellent today. You are very organized about your work and can get many different things done on a daily basis for the next few weeks. Mid-morning you’ll be infused with additional energy to get tasks out of the way early. You may be insensitive to others’ at this time, though, so try not to be overly critical. Tonight you are optimistic and hopeful.

Leo: Today you’ll be creatively inspired. You are able to express yourself to others easily now, especially through indirect means such as music, art, or writing. However, you might just crave too much attention at this time and as a result seem insensitive to the needs of others. Mid-morning you’ll be full of energy, which you’ll most likely channel into creative activities. Tonight you’ll feel generous and optimistic.

Virgo: Today you’ll be quite self-involved and perhaps a bit grumpy. You are full of energy and determination to accomplish important household goals. Mercury trines Uranus this evening, which will stimulate you mentally and could provide you with creative solutions to domestic problems.

Libra: Today, you are full of passion and desire. If you are single, you may meet an interesting and attractive person while running routine chores in the neighborhood or visiting a neighbor. If you are involved, plan a special surprise dinner for your special someone. This evening, the air is charged with sensual energy between you and a romantic interest. Dinner by candlelight provides the perfect atmosphere for intense conversation.

Scorpio: As a Scorpio, you need total control over your environment. Lately, you’ve felt stifled domestically by your romantic partner and frustrated because no matter how hard you try you simply cannot make your home comfortable and organized due to your partner’s or another family member’s influence. This afternoon, the resentment that’s built up inside of you about your lack of control may explode. Make your feelings known to family members but try and control your temper.

Sagittarius: Today you’ll be inspired mentally. Communicate with friends and professional associates about a plan this afternoon. Make changes in your work environment to make yourself more comfortable and at home. You are optimistic and positive today, as well as productive on the job. A slow transformation of your thinking will begin today and continue over the next few months. Writing is the best way for you to express your ideas; tonight is an especially good time to write.

Capricorn: Today is a great day for some self-reflection and time alone. You’ll be motivated and inspired this afternoon, so channel this energy into expressing yourself creatively though writing or some other art form. Your mental focus is on your inner psychological concerns. You’ll have the ability to analyze your emotions and think seriously about your true motivations in life tonight. Contemplation and meditation may lead you to an illuminating discovery about your emotional needs and personal desires.

Aquarius: Indulge yourself this morning by letting your mind wander and letting your imagination run wild. Your confidence is high, making this the perfect time to express yourself and communicate with loved ones, professional associates, or friends. This afternoon is the perfect time for a group gathering or for making a speech to a crowd, you’ll be more articulate than usual and everyone will be able to understand and relate to what you have to say. This evening, you’ll be emotional as well as creative. Socialize with friends with whom you strongly connect on a mental level tonight – a conversation could totally inspire you to take a new direction with a creative project.

Pisces: Today you have the courage and confidence to speak out about your professional agenda. Don’t be intimidated by anyone or anything – act now and don’t hesitate. If your loved one feels that your career plans are too risky, discuss them at length this evening. Give your significant other the chance to speak out. Seriously consider his or her opinions and take them into consideration as you make important decisions.

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