Your Horoscope: Monday, August 17, 2009

Your horoscope for Monday, August 17, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Monday, August 17, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Leo: Today you’ll be energized and motivated to take care of mundane, everyday chores that you have been putting off for weeks such as cleaning the house, paying the bills, or making routine phone calls. You need to pay close attention to all your financial dealings for the next few days with the moon in Scorpio. Take stock of your budget and income situation this afternoon, when your mental clarity is at its height. This evening, discuss money matters with your significant other; another perspective will help you make an important decision.

Virgo: Phone calls, visitors, and constant interruptions make it impossible for you to get any work done this morning. Go out to a quiet coffee shop or local hang out on your lunch hour and bring your laptop — it’s the only way you’ll get any peace and quiet and be able to concentrate. Don’t let stress get to you this afternoon; maintain your mental focus as best you can. Tonight, don’t bring your work home with you. Instead, spend some quality time with your family; they miss you.

Libra: Take advantage of a few productive hours this morning by arising early. Getting a head start on your tasks and responsibilities, especially those of a financial nature, will really make a difference, with the moon entering Scorpio, the sign of finances. Pay the bills and balance your checkbook over breakfast and you’ll feel accomplished before you even start your day. This evening is the best time to take care of domestic tasks that you have been putting off. Ask your romantic partner to help you complete the household chores; the sooner you finish them the sooner you two can relax together.

Scorpio: Be prepared for a spiritual reawakening today as you get in touch with your innate psychic abilities, which are at an all-time high this morning as the moon enters your Sun sign, Scorpio, marking your monthly lunar cycle high. Take advantage of this current increase in your powers of intuition by reading between the lines when socializing with professional associates at an informal business meeting this evening. You’ll impress everyone with your intense powers of perception.

Sagittarius: Money problems that have been plaguing you for some time may finally end today with the moon’s entry into Scorpio. If you simply apply your analytical mind to the situation at hand you’ll be able to come up with a creative and workable solution to increasing your cash flow. This afternoon, you may meet someone quite interesting – and attractive – in the least likely of places, so be on the lookout. Later tonight, spend some quiet time at home with your thoughts.

Capricorn: You are overwhelmed with work today and you may be tempted to just give up. A disagreement with a coworker mid-day will not improve the situation; so try not to be combative or argumentative. If a group project is not proceeding as you would like it to, don’t worry. As long as you stay focused on your responsibilities you have nothing to worry about. Go out with a group of friends for dinner this evening and unwind tonight with the moon in Scorpio, highlighting your social sector. Just don’t spend the entire evening complaining about work!

Aquarius: New ideas and innovative concepts may come to you all day long. Jot them down in a journal so you can remember them; they’ll disappear as quickly as they came to you. This afternoon, when you help your coworker with a problem at work by applying your innovative mind to the situation everyone is extremely impressed. Tonight, accept an impromptu invitation from your current romantic interest to go out to a movie or to dinner. Your work can wait one more day – you deserve to have some fun!

Pisces: A romantic relationship is on your mind all day long, making it difficult for you to concentrate on work. Earlier this morning, an argument with your significant other over something petty, such as taking out the garbage, got you extremely upset. Your intense emotional response to minor tension between the two of you signifies deeper problems in your relationship. In order to get your romance back on track; clear and honest communication is necessary. Tonight is the perfect time to express exactly how you are feeling to your mate with the moon in emotional Scorpio.

Aries: It will be a stellar day for you as the moon enters Scorpio. You’ll arise feeling energized and motivated, especially when it comes to domestic matters. Your mental clarity and organizational abilities are heightened all day long, especially at work. Your creativity is also stimulated this afternoon, so take advantage of your heightened sense of imagination to come up with creative ideas and innovative solutions to any problems you encounter.

Taurus: Today is an excellent time to initiate negotiations with a business partner as the moon enters the sign of shared resources, Scorpio. Be sure to make your ideas absolutely clear to professional associates if you are engaged in a complicated business transaction. Don’t let stress about work get to you this evening, though. This evening, spend some time with your significant other just talking and connecting emotionally. The two of you have a lot to say to each other, and tonight brings the perfect vibe for intimate conversation.

Gemini: The early morning is the best time to focus on personal tasks, such as business phone calls, that you need to attend to in private with the moon’s entry into down-low Scorpio. This afternoon, financial pressure may get you stressed out. Simply take a deep breath and delve into your accounts and paperwork this evening. Tonight is an excellent time to focus on detail-oriented tasks, such as balancing your financial books or editing an important document, when your mental focus is clear.

Cancer: Emotional water signs like you Cancers are always in tune with the undercurrents running through everyday humdrum activities. Lately, you’ve felt that a professional associate’s recent kindness hides ulterior motives. If you want to express your suspicions to him or her, write out your thoughts tonight as the moon enters confrontational Scorpio before you actually initiate a conversation or confrontation. You’ll be glad you did tomorrow when you are face to face with your coworker and you know exactly what to say.

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