Your Horoscope: Monday, August 31, 2009

Your horoscope for Monday, August 31, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Monday, August 31, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Leo: You might feel as if your partner is trying to guilt-trip, judge, or criticize you, but really it’s quite the opposite. He’s goading you to take a hard look at your priorities and figure out what really matters to you. It will take openness and courage to be able to see things from his perspective rather than simply getting your feelings hurt-but luckily, Leos have those qualities in spades.

Virgo: It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s important for you to embrace the crisis of confidence you face today. You may feel like you don’t fit in with the vibe of the zeitgeist right now, or even that the world is against you, but you need to remain true to yourself. Conquering the demons of insecurity will solidify your sense of yourself in a way that really resonates over the long term.

Libra: Maintaining structure in your home life is important to you today. Departing from your routine could really throw you for a loop, so don’t be afraid to assume a drill-sergeant role and get your entire household to fall in line. That said, a social activity for the sake of pure fun will beckon this evening – and you can find a way to fit it in without guilting yourself out of enjoying it.

Scorpio: Don’t be afraid to lay down the law today. Being authoritative is what it’s all about now-otherwise, your plans won’t move forward as you require them to. This afternoon or evening, however, you may step on the toes of a loved one who firmly believed he or she was calling the shots. Stand firm and help this person come around to seeing why your way is the right way.

Sagittarius: It may be a bit premature to decide whether you’re seeing a solid rate of return on an investment, but you should at least be able to gauge whether your financial strategy is leading you in the right direction. Around midday, unexpected developments could throw a wrench in the works, but out of the chaos will emerge an opportunity – if you’re creative enough to see it.

Capricorn: It’s a high-powered day for you Goat gals; now is the time to take projects begun recently to the next level. Your Capricorn confidence is in full effect. The one exception occurs this evening, when you take a criticism of your work a little too personally. Even if it comes from a friend, wrap your mind around the fact that the feedback isn’t an attack on you.

Aquarius: Serious matters are nagging at your mind from the time you get out of bed today. Your mood is somewhat sobering as you deal with some practical matters you may have been avoiding. Wrapping up those loose ends will, however, really help you get a grip and feel more in control of your life. Late tonight, you get a major second wind. Prepare for a couple of super-high-energy days.

Pisces: Look to a friend or group of friends for some advice today. Someone you usually think of as a peer emerges in a mentor role now, offering you direction. A practical perspective serves you well now. This afternoon or evening, you may hear something that’s difficult to accept, but you will be better off if you own up and take responsibility for what needs to be done.

Aries: Winning isn’t everything, but achieving to the best of your personal ability is … today, at least. Just don’t get your own goals confused with what’s expected of you by society or your social circle. This evening, step back and realize that you are your own harshest critic; don’t beat yourself up for not working harder when you’re doing absolutely everything you can to cross every t and dot every i.

Taurus: There are some lessons to be learned today, for sure – but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for levity. Give yourself permission to laugh in the face of obstacles and make challenges into a game. You may have your nose to the grindstone, but there’s still a big smile on your face nonetheless. Take the long view, but don’t forget to attend to the minutiae of the here and now.

Gemini: Although it appears as though there’s no way out of a difficult situation today, that couldn’t be further from the truth. All that’s required is for you to get out of the weeds and take a different perspective. Swallow your pride and turn to that eccentric friend – yes, the one who’s kind of “out there” – for an enlightening shift in your understanding of the facts.

Cancer: People always say that communication is the key to a relationship … but how many of us actually tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth to our partners? Today is definitely a moment to present the entire warts-and-all reality of a situation to your beloved. It might be awkward at first, but your bond will be so much more solid once you stop sugarcoating and get candid with each other.

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