Your Horoscope: Monday, July 6, 2009

Margaret Santangelo offers the horoscope for Monday, July 6, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Monday, July 6, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Monday, July 6, 2009: Today is a pretty run-of-the-mill day with the moon transiting Capricorn. As this is the last day of the waxing moon, wrap up any tasks related to unfinished work projects or pending financial matters. This afternoon and evening everyone may be a little on edge as the coming lunar eclipse in Capricorn tomorrow begins influencing circumstances. This evening, prepare for tensions to come to a head and get your house in order – there could be a rocky week ahead.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will make strides in their careers this year as the accent is on professional ambitions and career aspirations with the moon in Capricorn and positive Saturn aspects. Make a definite plan for where you want to be one year from now in your career and work to make those dreams a reality over the next twelve months. You share your birthday with 50 Cent, George W. Bush, Sylvester Stallone, Frida Kahlo.

Aries: Today your imagination will be stimulated, especially when it comes anything career related as the Sun and Saturn make a favorable aspect. You may fantasize or daydream during the day, and you won’t be able to focus on detail-oriented tasks very well. This evening your thoughts may turn to spiritual or philosophical matters as the moon continues to transit Capricorn, approaching the full moon tomorrow.

Taurus: With the moon in Capricorn, you feel compassionate and empathic toward your circle of friends and co-workers. You may be slightly oversensitive toward criticism from peers, however. Tonight your Taurus temper could flare up as Venus and Mercury make an emotionally volatile aspect. But this tension fades quickly if you make the effort to see things from others’ perspective.

Gemini: This week may start out on a stressful note as the moon in Capricorn spotlights your career goals and ambitions, and causes you to be slightly oversensitive to real or perceived criticism from authority figures. You have a lot of responsibilities now. Tonight career-related pressure could cause tension on the home front; watch out for being extra-sensitive to other people’s emotional signals and prone to temper flares.

Cancer: This morning you may have a small argument of disagreement with a business associate. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied into a certain point-of-view. Jupiter and the Sun are in positive aspect today, which will inspire you creatively and prompt you to spend time with friends and coworkers. However, you may suffer from lack of concentration due to the manipulative efforts of others. A talk with a romantic partner tonight could clarify your perspective and boost your confidence.

Leo: The early morning guarantees an indulgent mood; but only give in to your whims if you can afford to! Stay home and plan that redecorating you’re dying to get done; your natural aesthetic sense is extra keen right now, especially when it comes to your home. However, avoid making impulsive or overindulgent purchases, it would be best to consider all your options first and do any shopping next week. You’ll be extremely imaginative and creative all day long, especially this afternoon.

Virgo: Today the moon is in Capricorn and partnerships are nicely accented. You are more emotional than usual, and this evening where is a tendency to fly off the handle. This afternoon you may experience some conflict between what you are feeling and what you are thinking. Go with your intuition. This afternoon is a good time to communicate what you are feeling to a loved one. Late tonight, emotions are especially volatile.

Libra: Today the moon is in Capricorn, and much of your day may be taken up by routine tasks and responsibilities. You may be called upon to provide some emotional support to co-workers — you are very sensitive to others today. Tonight you may have a tendency to be irritable or emotionally volatile, which will pass quickly if you take some time to be by yourself and perhaps put your feelings into some form of creative expression.

Scorpio: Today may be a frustrating day where intellectual matters are concerned. During the morning hours it may be difficult to gain the cooperation of others. You may have a spirited debate with a friend today; compromise may be called for if tempers start to flare. The Sun and Saturn make positive aspects, and you’ll be inspired creatively, especially about matters pertaining to your home. Work on plans to change your domestic situation this afternoon.

Sagittarius: This morning you’re disciplined and dedicated to taking care of serious matters. You may concretize a creative idea that’s been floating around in your head for some time. You are able to come up with interesting and innovative ways to get your point across to others. This afternoon you’re pleasant and happy, and tonight your imagination may make some more leaps and bounds as the Sun and Jupiter make positive aspects. Some new and interesting people catch your attention tonight.

Capricorn: This morning serious thought is on the agenda. Your critical faculties are at peak performance; any research or investigative work brings excellent results. Today you’ll get yourself – as well as the home or office – organized in detail. New ideas about how to increase your income may come to you today with the Sun and Saturn in harmony. A financial problem that was worsening can be nipped in the bud thanks to your inventive mind. Tonight you’ll be sensitive and empathetic to friends and loved ones as the moon continues to transit your Sun sign and approaches fullness tomorrow.

Aquarius: Today the moon is in Capricorn, and financial issues and practical matters dominate your thoughts. The Sun and Saturn are in positive aspect this afternoon, which enables you to come up with creative ways to increase your stability and security. Emotions are volatile tonight where shared finances are concerned; don’t lose your temper if frustrating miscommunication persists.

Pisces: Today the moon is in Capricorn, which brings your attention to your own needs and desires. You have the tendency, as a Pisces, to put others before yourself, which you should only do if it makes you happy. The Sun and Saturn prompt you to do some deep soul searching about a current romance. This evening emotions are very volatile, you may have an argument with a romantic partner. Try to remain level headed and be sensitive to the needs of others in a healthy way.

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