Your Horoscope: Monday, June 1, 2009

Your horoscope for Monday, June 1, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Monday, June 1, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Monday, June 1, 2009: Mars entered Taurus over the weekend, which marks the beginning of a two-month long period during which more energy will be available to everyone for establishing solid foundations, attending aggressively to financial matters, and dealing with practical matters and goals. The moon enters Libra today, which improves dealings with women, and brings forth matters related to the home, art, antiques, and decorative objects.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will focus on the most important partnerships in their lives. This could be a year of major changes for Geminis in the romance department. If you are single, you may finally meet that special someone you’ve been looking for; if you are in a committed relationship, you may finally decide to make the big move and tie the knot. Married Geminis may decide to spend more time dedicating themselves to making their relationship work. You share your birthday with Alanis Morissette, Heidi Klum, and Marilyn Monroe.

Gemini: This week may start out on a stressful note. You are very sensitive about your career goals. Tonight career-related pressure could cause tension with family members; you could be extra sensitive to other people’s emotional signals. Don’t absorb others’ negativity; project positivity instead.

Cancer: You’ll be in every Cancer’s heaven today as a family member surprises you by showing interest in a household project you’ve been working on. Getting help from your husband, your child, or roommate will make the job go so much faster – and will bond the two of you closer together. Celebrate your domestic accomplishment with a sumptuous meal.

Leo: The early morning may bring an indulgent mood; but only give in to your whims if you can afford to! Stay home and plan redecorating a new abode; your natural aesthetic sense is extra keen right now with the moon entering Libra. However, avoid making impulsive or overindulgent purchases, it would be best to consider all your options first and wait until next week to commit to major purchases.

Virgo: Today partnerships receive a boost from the moon in harmonious Libra. You are more emotional than usual. This afternoon you may experience a conflict between what you feel is right and what you know is right. Go with your intuition. This evening, communicate what you are feeling to a loved one.

Libra: Today much of your day may be taken up by routine tasks and chores. You may be called upon to provide some emotional support to someone; you are very sensitive to others today with the moon in your Sun sign, Libra. Tonight, you may have a tendency to be irritable or emotionally volatile, which will pass quickly if you take some time out for yourself.

Scorpio: You need to delve down deep when it comes to big financial decisions. Shared resources may be a source of tension right now; especially when it comes to loans, debt, or an investment. Separate your emotional from your rational thoughts about a sticky situation. Take some time to really reflect on an important decision; don’t just jump in and don’t let yourself be pressured.

Sagittarius: You are in a social mood today with the moon in Libra. Take a long lunch with co-workers this afternoon – but only if you can afford to! Bonding with your colleagues makes working together easier. This evening, make time for your family or a special someone.

Capricorn: Your mind is on your social standing at the office today. Don’t be too concerned with what others think of you; do what you know is right and your proper judgment will be rewarded in time. Popularity is a fickle friend. This evening, you’ll spend some extra time at the office or at home working on an important project. Go for it – you are on fire right now!

Aquarius: You may be – quite by surprise – beginning to explore a new spiritual or religious path right now, Aquarius. Your imagination and creativity is stimulated by a philosophical frame of mind. You seek out friends with whom you can converse on a higher level about intellectual concepts. Consider joining a group or some other community association so that you can meet people who are interested in the same things you are.

Pisces: Today you are emotional and your natural Piscean psychic powers are heightened. Don’t allow close friends or family members to rely too heavily on you; at times you are too generous with your emotional support. Give what you can, but don’t get sucked into someone else’s drama at your own expense.

Aries: Today is all about you and your special someone. You’ll be thinking about your husband, boyfriend, or someone you have a crush on all day long. Make an effort to pay attention at work or this distraction could get you in trouble.

Taurus: You feel compassionate and empathic toward your circle of friends. You may be slightly over-sensitive toward criticism from others, though. Tonight your Taurus temper could flare up and you might be a little, um, volatile. But this tension fades quickly if you let a close friend help you.

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