Your Horoscope: Monday, June 29, 2009

Your horoscope for Monday, June 29, 2009.

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Your Horoscope: Monday, June 29, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Monday, June 29, 2009: The moon is in peace-loving Libra today, and everyone will be in a pretty mellow laid-back mood. Mid-morning, a harsh aspect from Pluto could rouse people to action, especially if the pressure is on. The afternoon is full of routine chores and tasks that must be dealt with today. Emotions and logic could clash this evening.

Today’s birthday: Bettys born this day will need a little help from their friends, family, or colleagues in the coming year, in order to accomplish goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it! You share your birthday with Clara Bow, Gary Busey, and Richard Lewis.

Cancer: Today you’ll be very busy with your daily duties and responsibilities. Take care of household chores, such as the laundry and grocery shopping, and you’ll feel accomplished by evening, although a bit overworked and under-appreciated. Don’t worry, your spouse or significant other really does appreciate everything that you do around the house. Don’t resent it if they don’t have the time to share the duties more equally. Right now they have more important matters — that affect the well-being of both of you — to attend to so let them without guilt tripping them.

Leo: Today you’re emotionally charged and your passionate Leonine feelings come bubbling to the surface. You desire the company of friends and loved ones, just so you can have the opportunity to tell them how special they are! Tonight is a perfect evening for socializing with friends and family — spend time with loved ones, you’re sure to have a lot of fun!

Virgo: Today past conflicts with a romantic partner could resurface. Control issues and power struggles are bound to be issues in a personal relationship right now. You won’t allow yourself to be controlled by anyone – or anybody – and tension could arise when wills clash this afternoon. Spend some time alone this evening so that you can contemplate your complex feelings and emotions.

Libra: The mood today is very future-oriented. The energy levels are quite high and expansive and you can certainly expect to be able do quite extraordinary things under this influence. Trust your insight and intuition today, don’t vacillate endlessly as you Libras tend to do! First impressions are strongest to you today. Unusual creative paths should be followed; a spirit of inventiveness and experimentation works best these days, especially tonight.

Scorpio: The morning starts off on a stressful note, as you realize there is really a lot to be done in terms of work. Don’t be overly idealistic about what you can accomplish; face the music and admit that you’re behind. The early afternoon favors mental work that requires concentration and focus. This evening you’ll be extra disciplined about getting work done, especially in the comfort of your own abode, so if you can, work from your home office.

This morning you’ll be chatting away to everyone you come into contact with; you simply have a lot to say. You feel as though you can finally articulate thoughts and ideas for which you’ve had no outlet that have been bottled up inside you forever. Most importantly, you should express your feelings of affection to a romantic partner. Tonight you’ll have no problem expressing your emotions clearly.

Capricorn: You may have innovative ideas about how you can be more efficient with everything in your life from household chores to managing your finances. If you can visualize exactly what you really want now — you can really make your wishes and dreams for the future a reality. It’s time to set your mind in a real direction and commit to a plan. Tonight is the perfect time to talk your ideas over with your romantic partner.

Aquarius: Today abrupt discharges of energy bring about unusual and unique results. You sense the possibilities open to you now, and you are ready to really just be yourself and allow what you want to happen to happen. You are right in your element, Aquarius, and all week positive vibes dominate the atmosphere. Take advantage of the more open and free atmosphere and be yourself. You’ll also make wise decisions today so don’t second guess yourself.

Pisces: You are totally stressed out when you get up today about all the work you have to do. You realize that this is a result of your past procrastination this afternoon; that’s fine, but beating yourself up about it won’t get it done any faster. The tension eases by evening, at which point you may want to review the tumultuous events of the past few weeks and take some time to reflect on how to approach your work more responsibly and efficiently.

Aries: This morning you’ll feel like having some fun. You do get work done first though, and today you’ll really be able to advance and progress on a project today. Take some chances on some stranger ideas just to see how they’ll work out. Revolutionize structures you face in your career with the power of your strong, unbreakable will. Take action to make your dreams real — you really have the power to do so today and for some time to come.

Taurus: You’ll enjoy a very mercurial day at work – ideas exchanged between associates, as well as your own internal ruminations, add up to highly original collaborative possibilities. With your conscientious Taurean influence, you could really make a group effort a success simply be holding the expansion down to earth and ensuring stability and solidity for the future. Bashful Taureans will have to bask in the glow of appreciation and recognition from important and esteemed associates.

Gemini: Today you’ll balance internal issues and external factors in your career quite well. The energy level is high and you’ll aspire to reach new heights on this inspirational day. The tension will build all afternoon, and by evening an abrupt discharge of energy will bring big changes in your professional life — from anything such as a complete transformation in power dynamics to a simple change in seating arrangements. You’ll make good and unusual decisions this evening so you should trust your intuition.

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