Your Horoscope: Monday, September 21, 2009

Your horoscope for Monday, September 21, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Monday, September 21, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Virgo: Early this morning, the unexpected could happen in a romantic or business partnership; you may feel conflict between your relationship needs and your career goals, especially if you’re suddenly dealing with a new job position or opportunity. Late tonight, you have a chance to open up and grow emotionally. You end the week on a tranquil and contented, yet optimistic and forward-looking note.

Libra: The day starts off on an excellent note, with an auspicious contact between the Sun and Jupiter infusing you with self-confidence and emotional security. You may sense that opportunities for greater financial stability are just around the corner. The evening is also very pleasant, and you’ll most likely want to appreciate the comforts of home tonight.

Scorpio: Today the moon enters your Sun sign, Scorpio, and you are filled with the desire to succeed. You desire contact with others and are suddenly drawn out of the shell you’ve been hiding under for the past few days. You crave the unexpected and the unusual, and this evening you’ll enjoy the company of exciting friends. You may make some important contacts tonight, and new acquaintances are truly impressed by your drive and ambition. Tonight you are energized; but also impulsive and hasty. Try not to overindulge in alcohol, you may lose control and be sorry tomorrow.

Sagittarius: Today the moon enters Scorpio, bringing your subconscious into the picture. You’ll want to spend time alone in quiet contemplation. In the afternoon you may feel the need to have a serious talk with a friend or lover. You may be quite surprised at what others have to say today. What you discover today through conversation may have a profound effect on your thoughts tonight. Tonight you’ll be inspired and think seriously about the direction of your career.

Capricorn: The moon enters Scorpio today, and you are ready to spend time with friends. Late tonight an intellectual conversation with a friend may seriously affect your ideas regarding the future and could inspire you to make some changes in how you structure your life. Your color for today is royal blue.

Aquarius: Today the moon enters Scorpio, and your faith in your professional goals is renewed and revitalized. You are just beginning to realize the recent unexpected advances you have made in your career. You are ready to really take on the world, and you have the energy and drive to accomplish everything you desire. This evening spend time with friends celebrating your achievements. The only danger now lies in over-idealizing the situation that could lead to later embarrassment.

Pisces: Early this morning, you find yourself in an upbeat, optimistic mood. You’re more relaxed and cheerful about work issues than usual, and easily take mishaps and miscommunications in stride. Today Uranus goes direct in Aquarius, paving the way for new and progressive ways of relating; for you, this transit may encourage you to take a trip, or maybe register for a class.

Aries: This afternoon the moon enters Scorpio, and your emotional experiences may be much more intense than usual. The early morning hours may bring uncanny dreams that influence your actions today. This afternoon you may have an urge to do something unusual. Jupiter enters Taurus that marks a period of good luck in finances.

Taurus: Early this morning the moon enters your Sun sign, Scorpio, and you are in a romantic, emotional mood. Do something purely for your own enjoyment today — you may have fun challenging yourself to do something totally out of the ordinary, without worrying about attracting attention to yourself. You deserve the spotlight once in a while! And you have a lot of energy early in the day. Tonight you have a fabulous time with a romantic interest — you may decide to stay up late because you don’t want the night to end!

Gemini: Today you may have the opportunity to expand your outlook on your duties and obligations. You may discover a more efficient way to work so that you can get everything done — in time. Perhaps a conversation or discussion with someone may illuminate you. Your lucky color for today is gold.

Cancer: Early this morning you may have some “psychic” dreams that may affect you all day. The moon enters Scorpio this afternoon, activating your romantic side. You definitely want to have fun today, try something new or unusual if you’ve been bored by the routine. You have a lot of energy tonight, whether you’re out socializing or at home, the evening will end on a positive note.

Leo: You might wake up feeling bogged down with concerns today, but by afternoon you feel more jovial and optimistic — the weekend is at hand and you look forward to doing something fun. Perhaps you decide to start saving for a trip to a new place, or challenge yourself in some other way to broaden your horizons. Later tonight, talking about work frustrations in a social setting could help you blow off some steam and release mounting irritations with your job duties.

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