Your Horoscope: Thursday, August 13, 2009

Your horoscope for Thursday, August 13, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Thursday, August 13, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Leo: There’s some kind of palpable static electricity in the air today, and you get utterly caught up in it. Your always passionate Leonine nature is kicked up a notch higher than usual. And your luck in the romantic department is nothing short of amazing, whether you’re striking up sparks with a new flame or rekindling the magic with a longtime love. You’re downright starry-eyed.

Virgo: Setting out long-term goals beyond today’s to-do list has a major impact on your motivation now. It’s worth sitting down and writing down your ten-year plan, even if it’s a complete blue-sky fantasy (at least for now). The more creative and ambitious you get with your aspirations, the more likely you are to manifest something incredible in your career soon.

Libra: It’s one of those days when fortune just seems to smile in your direction: Red lights turn green as you approach, your new white blouse survives a spaghetti dinner unscathed, and so on. Time spent with children is especially rewarding right now; their fresh, wonder-filled perspective on the world can teach you something profound. Be willing to let your hair down and get goofy.

Scorpio: The ability to extricate yourself from one situation and adapt to another serves you well today, Scorpio. Getting outside your comfort zone to pursue a new path actually leads you to an even more fulfilling result than what you had originally hoped for. Instead of following routine blindly, use your judgment to imagine a new way of doing things … even if it shocks those around you.

Sagittarius: There’s no stopping you today, Sagittarius, as you leap over obstacles in a single bound. Your communication skills are key to smoothing over any sticky situation. Not only can you talk your way into getting exactly what you want, you find yourself making connections with people who feel as passionately as you do about the same ideas. Your spirit of adventure gets everyone around you excited.

Capricorn: The connection between you and your partner is particularly intense today – and the heightened attraction is due even more to mental sparks than to physical ones. You get the same kind of thrilled shiver down your spine from a passionate discussion with your sweetheart as you usually do from kissing him. The intellectual chemistry between you two has never been so strong.

Aquarius: It’s no overstatement to say that today is one of the most powerful days of the year in terms of you having the potential to achieve a dream. Believing in yourself, and putting in the effort to back up that conviction, is vital. You’re super-energized and almost dizzy with possibility. Capture every significant moment via camera-phone, BlackBerry, or iPhone so you don’t miss a moment of inspiration.

Pisces: Your sixth-sense-ish Piscean qualities – that certain almost psychic perceptiveness and the ability to divine what’s really happening deep beneath the surface of events – are intensified in a big way today. Even better, you find yourself able to act on your intuitions almost instantly; there’s no pulling the wool over your eyes, however briefly. Lady Luck is undoubtedly in your corner right now.

Aries: Your mental energy and your strength are working in perfect concert today. Those around you have perfect confidence in your judgment, and when you talk up your cause, they immediately get on board. Exposing yourself to new ideas turns out to broaden your horizons immeasurably. You’re capable of being inspired by so many different things now.

Taurus: Although Taureans usually seek out stability and constancy, you’re feeling so empowered today that you really relish the restless, anything-can-happen vibe in the air. You’re willing to take a gamble on good odds and hope for the best, rather than just stashing all your cash in your mattress. It’s a refreshing change for you to be so devil-may-care.

Gemini: The energy level you find yourself operating at today is somewhere between that of a cannonball and a rocket ship. While you may not be blasting off to parts unknown, there is definitely a possibility that you will find yourself experiencing a new adventure of sorts. Your intellect dazzles even more than usual today; don’t hold back on verbal repartee.

Cancer: A wild ride is ahead of you today, Cancer, especially if you release inhibitions. You may see a side of yourself emerge that you didn’t know existed; go with the flow of this new personality, and you’ll find that it totally works to your advantage. A transition that you thought might be awkward turns out to go seamlessly, and to take much less time than you expected.

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